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Can you have an anonymous LLC in Texas?

Can you have an anonymous LLC in Texas?

While several states actively compete for new business formations, Anonymous LLCs are only permitted in a few states. If you currently reside in Texas, your state does not currently offer this commodity. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying your privacy!

How much does it cost to register an LLC in Texas?

The Texas Secretary of State charges a $300 filing fee, plus an additional state-mandated 2.7% convenience fee to file an LLC Certificate of Formation. It will cost $40 to file a name reservation application, if you wish to reserve your LLC name prior to filing the Certificate of Formation.

Do you have to pay for LLC Every year in Texas?

Yearly Cost of an LLC in Texas There are no annual registration fees imposed on LLCs in Texas. However, your LLC may need to file an annual franchise tax statement with the Texas Comptroller.

Does Texas have an annual LLC fee?

Texas Annual Report Fee: Free Texas requires LLCs to file an annual report and franchise tax with the Secretary of State. You can submit this form through the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website. It is due on May 15. Texas charges a $50 late fee for failure to file on time as a penalty.

How do I make my LLC anonymous?

Once you’ve created your anonymous holding company, you can start an anonymous LLC in any state by simply listing the holding company as the owner. Since no records tie you to the LLC and no records connect you to the anonymous holding company, your ownership interest in the LLC remains private.

How do I make my LLC private?

In order to have an anonymous LLC, you must form said LLC in a state that does not require you to disclose the members or managers of the LLC. The most popular states for anonymous LLC’s are Delaware, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

Do I need to renew my LLC Every year in Texas?

Unlike most states, Texas does not require LLCs to file annual reports with the Secretary of State. However, LLCs must file annual franchise tax reports (see below).