Why was Earthworm Jim HD removed?

Why was Earthworm Jim HD removed?

Earthworm Jim HD was delisted on Xbox 360 in February of 2018 according to reporting by The delisting is likely due to expired licensing between HD’s publisher Gameloft, and the Earthworm Jim rightsholder, Interplay.

How do you play Earthworm Jim?

The player must direct Jim on his rocket, in a race against Psycrow, through a tube-like structure while collecting items and boosts and avoiding asteroids. If the player wins, the next level is started instantly. If the player loses, a boss fight against Psy-Crow must be won in order to progress to the next level.

Can you still play Earthworm Jim?

In 2018 Earthworm Jim HD was removed from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. In 2019, a new game was announced as an exclusive release for the Intellivision Amico that will be developed by the original team from the 1990s, the game is set to be released as a launch title for the Amico in 2021.

Is Earthworm Jim coming back?

Later commentary over the next decade from individual developers would contest its development status, until May 2019, when it was announced that the game was being developed for the upcoming Intellivision Amico console, to release on October 10, 2021….

Earthworm Jim 4
Genre(s) Platform shoot ’em up
Mode(s) TBA

Is Earthworm Jim on ps4?

Earthworm Jim HD will be hitting the PlayStation Network on July 28th at an awesome price of €9.99/£7.99!

Can you get Earthworm Jim on Xbox?

Earthworm Jim HD was released on various mobile devices, with fully enhanced and fully extended versions released on the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3 home video game consoles. The console versions include a number of unique additions, such as additional levels, and online multiplayer modes of play.

Is Earthworm Jim a good game?

The game has a ton of style, it’s a blast to play, and the graphics and music are still quite impressive. It might be a bit too hard for some, and it just doesn’t match up with the best games in the genre, but for just 800 Wii Points you really can’t go wrong here.

Who invented Earthworm Jim?

Doug TenNapel
David Perry
Earthworm Jim/Designers

Earthworm Jim is an American animated television series based on the video game series of the same name and created by series creator, Doug TenNapel. The series aired on the Kids’ WB for two seasons from September 9, 1995, to December 13, 1996.

Who is the creator of Earthworm Jim?

Update August 7, 2020: In a message to GamesBeat, Earthworm Jim original co-creator Doug TenNapel stated that he had only participated in one brainstorming session on Earthworm Jim 4, and is “open for unpaid consulting” as a friend to ensure the character and story remained consistent.

How many levels are in Earthworm Jim?

The game consisted of 10-12 levels (depending on the version): New Junk City. New Junk City Part 2 (only in the Special Edition and HD version)

What does Earthworm Jim say?

In the games, Jim has a slight southern drawl and says phrases like “Groovy!” or “Whoa, Nelly!”. In the animated series his drawl has all but disappeared, but he still retains his “Groovy!” catchphrase.