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What operates in the 900 MHz band?

What operates in the 900 MHz band?

As the FCC explains in a press release, the 900 MHz band is “currently designated for narrowband land mobile radio communications and primarily used by land transportation, utility, manufacturing and petrochemical companies.”

How far can 900 MHz travel?

The lower frequency radio waves of 900 MHz radios provide greater penetration through walls, trees and other obstacles, making it optimal for most non-line-of-sight applications. A typical AW900xTR Radio using high powered AW-15 15dbi antenna can go distances of up to 1500 feet with buildings and/or trees in the way.

How long is a 900 MHz antenna?

The cable comes in a standard 79” length or optional 180” length and a screw-on RP-SMA coax connector. The antenna has flexible dipole shafts and offers a horizontal Omni directional pattern when shafts are mounted vertically with a minimal vertical sensitivity.

How high does a ham radio antenna need to be?

A beam type of antenna at a height of 70 feet or more will provide greatly superior performance over the same antenna at 35 feet, all other factors being equal. A height of 120 feet or even higher will provide even more advantages for long-distance communications.

Is 900 MHz safe?

In conclusion, the results of our study suggested that both acute and chronic exposure to 900 MHz EMF is deleterious to liver and causes to excessive hepatic histopathological alterations. All financial support for this study was provided by the scientific research fund of Sakarya University (BAP No: 2018-2-9-31).

How far can a 5 watt ham radio transmit?

approximately 6 miles
So according to our rule-of-thumb, 2 people around 6 feet tall using a 5 watt handheld two-way radio, used on flat ground with no obstacles, will have a maximum range of approximately 6 miles.

Does 900MHz affect 2.4 GHz?

Both 802.11b and Bluetooth devices operate at the 2.4GHz frequency. As these devices continue to multiply in the work place, 900MHz wireless headsets could have less potential interference with these other technology products than do 2.4GHz wireless headsets.

Does 2.4 GHz need line of sight?

Both frequencies need “line-of-sight” for proper and predictable operation. However some type of obstructions are more detrimental to a 2.4 GHz link. Trees with leaves that have dimensions near the wavelength of 2.4 GHz (but typically shorter than the wavelength of 900 MHz), will cause higher attenuation at 2.4 GHz.

What kind of antennas are used at 900 MHz?

900MHz Antennas Mimomax offers a range of 900MHz antennas built to withstand harsh conditions and maintain communications over long paths and difficult terrain.

Can You program a 900MHz ham radio?

To Program the Alinco Units (LEFT), you will have a very easy time, but you have to find a radio first. They are no longer made and they covered both the 900MHz band as well as the 225MHz (1.25m) band. Be ready to pay a pretty penny for a used one.

How is the 902MHz range allocated to hams?

Basically the 902MHz to 928 MHz range has been allocated to hams on the secondary basis meaning, we have to accept interference from other sources as we are not the primary users of the band.

Where can I find the 900MHz repeater frequencies?

You can find the current San Francisco Bay Area Repeater Frequencies for 900MHz on my website as well as the VHF/UHF Bandplan to help you get started. As far as hardware there is two ways you can go about it. Build or modify hardware or something that can be re-programmed.