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What SUV can you get for $15000?

What SUV can you get for $15000?

Here are our 10 Best SUVs Under $15,000.

  • 2013 Honda CR-V. The Honda CR-V is a 5-passenger SUV with an excellent reputation for reliability and a well-equipped interior.
  • 2011 Toyota Highlander.
  • 2014 Toyota RAV4.
  • 2013 Honda Pilot.
  • 2014 Mazda CX-5.
  • 2014 Toyota Venza.
  • 2015 Subaru Outback.
  • 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe.

What is the most reliable used 3rd row SUV?

Our list of 10 Best Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) 3-Row SUVs under $30,000 has a little something for everyone….10 Best CPO 3-Row SUVs Under $30,000

  • 2017 Toyota Highlander.
  • 2018 Honda Pilot.
  • 2018 Mazda CX-9.
  • 2019 Chevrolet Traverse.
  • 2017 Buick Enclave.
  • 2018 Ford Explorer.
  • 2019 Kia Sorento.

What is the best SUV to buy second hand?

The best used SUVs and crossovers

  • Nissan Qashqai.
  • Volvo XC90.
  • Range Rover Evoque.
  • Dacia Duster.
  • Kia Sportage.
  • Peugeot 3008.
  • Lexus RX.
  • Porsche Macan.

What SUV has the highest resale value?

SUVs With the Highest Resale Value for 2021

  • Jeep Wrangler – 84.1 Percent Retained Value.
  • Toyota 4Runner – 68.1 Percent Retained Value.
  • Subaru Crosstrek – 62.3 Percent Retained Value.
  • Porsche Macan- 60.5 Percent Retained Value.
  • Lexus NX300h- 58.1 Percent Retained Value.
  • Subaru Forester- 56.8 Percent Retained Value.

What is the safest three-row SUV?

The three-row 2021 CX-9 is getting up there in terms of age, but it still manages to be both a 2021 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ and earn a five-star overall rating from the NHTSA. The CX-9 has all the same safety goodies the CX-3, CX-30, and CX-5 have.

Which SUV holds its value best?

What is the most reliable affordable SUV?

Read along to find our picks of some of the best used compact SUVs under $15,000.

  • 2014 Honda CR-V. The Honda CR-V is as reliable as they come.
  • 2014 Toyota RAV4.
  • 2016 Mazda CX-5.
  • 2016 Subaru Forester.
  • 2016 GMC Terrain.
  • 2016 Chevrolet Equinox.
  • 2015 Kia Sportage.
  • 2016 Ford Escape.

Are there any used SUVs under$ 15, 000?

Heated and cooled leather seats, zero maintenance issues, 3rd row seats, DVD Bose entertainment center, heated steering wheel, backup camera and much more. A chevron arrow pointing down.

What kind of car is a good SUV?

Great little SUV. Gas mileage is a plus. Nice interior and features. Nice design. Reliable vehicle. This is our 18 year old’s car and we feel safe sending him out in it. A chevron arrow pointing down.

What’s the cheapest car to buy in the USA?

But that doesn’t mean you can’t instead get an affordable subcompact car that’s nicer than you might think. For this slideshow, we’ve rounded up America’s cheapest cars today – costing less than $15,000.

Who is the best mechanic for a used SUV?

Steve Rowe is a very good and conscientious service advisor. Steve was very helpful in evaluating the extent of my needed repairs. The mechanic, Dave Graske, was very courteous and efficient. He repaired my car quickly. I was on the road with minimal time loss. Great job to all the crew! A chevron arrow pointing down. A chevron arrow pointing down.