Who sings the acoustic version of Everlong?

Who sings the acoustic version of Everlong?

After sharing the tale of how the song came to be, Grohl duly performed a solo acoustic version of the 1997 hit. In the 11-minute video, now available on YouTube following last weekend’s festival, Grohl explained how he hit on what would become the intro to ‘Everlong’ when he began strumming “a cool Sonic Youth chord”.

Is Everlong one of the best songs ever?

But more importantly, The Colour and the Shape gave us “Everlong,” the best damn rock love song ever made. Its verses are weirdly tender for its chunky guitar vamps, while the chorus—probably the most shout-worthy in all of ’90s mainstream rock—also reads like it could be a heater of an adult contemporary single.

Is Everlong about Louise Post?

Personal life. Post and bandmate Nina Gordon were very close friends for much of Veruca Salt’s early years. Grohl has said that the Foo Fighters song “Everlong” (on which Post sang backing vocals, recorded over a telephone line from Chicago to Los Angeles) is about Post.

What girl is Everlong about?

In the midst of all this he wrote this love song in about 45 minutes. Dave Grohl wrote the song about Veruca Salt frontwoman Louise Post, whom he was dating after separating from his first wife, Jennifer Youngblood.

What tuning is Everlong in?

All you have to do is tune your 6th string down a whole step from E to D. Every other string on the guitar remains the same. By tuning down to “Dropped D” it makes playing the add 9 chords used throughout the song much easier to play.

What is being whispered in Everlong?

The official Foo Fighters newsgroup used to carry an FAQ which claimed that the whispering is in fact three separate tracks of Grohl whispering: one is “a love letter”, the second is “a technical manual” and the third is a “story about a studio technician’s father”.

How did Everlong come up with the song Everlong?

The lyrics were inspired by ongoing romance with Louise Post of the band Veruca Salt: “That song’s about a girl that I’d fallen in love with and it was basically about being connected to someone so much, that not only do you love them physically and spiritually, but when you sing along with them you harmonize perfectly”.

When did Everlong by the Foo Fighters come out?

“Everlong” is a song by American rock group Foo Fighters. It was released in August 1997 as the second single from their second studio album, The Colour and the Shape (1997).

When did Everlong by Dave Grohl come out?

A live version appears on the Live at Wembley Stadium DVD which was released in 2008. Although the song is normally performed with electric guitars, vocalist/guitarist Dave Grohl ‘s solo acoustic variation gained popularity after an impromptu rendition on Howard Stern ‘s radio show in 1998.

Who are the Teddy Boys in Everlong’s video?

The music video is, in part, a parody of the film The Evil Dead . The video starts with a black and white shot of Smear and Mendel (dressed as Teddy Boys) outside of a house where Grohl and Hawkins (playing his wife) supposedly live.