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What is meant by master server?

What is meant by master server?

Related Definitions Master Server means the hardware that operates as the main server on which Customer uses and runs the Server Software that Customer has designated as its primary Server Software. The Server Software on Customer’s Master Server is the core for Customer’s Software Service.

What is NIS master?

NIS servers come in two varieties, master and slave. The machine designated as master server contains the set of maps that the system administrator creates and updates as necessary. Each NIS domain must have one, and only one, master server, which can propagate NIS updates with the least performance degradation.

What is NetBackup master server?

The master server manages backups, archives, and restores. The master server is responsible for media and device selection for NetBackup. Typically, the master server contains the NetBackup catalog. Media servers provide additional storage by allowing NetBackup to use the storage devices that are attached to them.

How do you make a master server?

To make a master server

  1. In Object Explorer, connect to an instance of the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine, and then expand that instance.
  2. Right-click SQL Server Agent, point to Multi Server Administration, and then click Make this a Master.

What exactly is a server?

In computing, a server is a piece of computer hardware or software (computer program) that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called “clients”. Typical servers are database servers, file servers, mail servers, print servers, web servers, game servers, and application servers.

What is the difference between LDAP and NIS?

NIS uses a simple key-to-entry query scheme to find data. LDAP uses a flexible, but complex, base/scope/filter search criteria. NIS does not perform authentication. LDAP servers can restrict access to certain data sets using highly flexible access control mechanism.

How does NetBackup deduplication work?

With media-server deduplication, the NetBackup client software creates the image of backed-up files as it would for a normal backup. The client sends the backup image to a media server, which hosts the plug-in that duplicates the backup data.

What is an example of a server?

Servers are computers that run services to serve the needs of other computers. There are, for example, home media servers, web servers, and print servers. There are also file servers and database servers.