What is KeelShield?

What is KeelShield?

KeelShield was developed to protect your most vulnerable, and constant point of contact. Made of pure Urethane Polymers, this 5” wide rugged shield is the strongest and most durable protection for you keel from abrasions, scratches, and scars. KeelShield is easy to install, just Prep-Peel-Stick (see our video below).

Is a keel guard worth it?

The short answer is yes, a keel guard is absolutely worth the money for almost all boats. They really don’t cost that much and they can provide important protection against damage to your boat.

What size KeelShield do I need?

Keelshield/Keelguard Sizing Chart

Craft Type Length Keelshield/ Keelguard
Runabout, Center Console 21′ – 24′ (6.40m – 7.32m) 8′ (2.44m)
All Boats 25′ – 27′ (7.62m – 8.23m) 9′ (2.74m)
All Boats 28′ – 30′ (8.53m – 9.14m) 10′ (3.05m)
All Boats 31′ + (9.45m +) 12′ (3.66m)

Do keel guards affect performance?

Will KeelShield Keel Protectors affect the performance of my PWC or powerboat? Boats will notice no effect on either speed or handling. PWC tests have shown that KeelShield protectors may increase the speed of your PWC slightly and increase the tracking ability.

How long should my keel guard be?

The KeelGuard should be mounted at least 4-6 inches above the waterline on the bow, ending at least 2-3 feet beyond the lowest point of the keel. If protection is required above the bow eye, a separate BowGuard is available in 1-3 foot lengths.

How wide is a keel guard?

Keel Guard

Keel Guard Boat Size
10 ft Up to 26 ft
11 ft Up to 28 ft
12 ft Up to 30 ft
5” Width | Contact Us For Custom Sizes

Should I put a keel guard on my boat?

One place that’s susceptible to damage is the bottom of the hull. Concrete boat ramps, rocky shorelines and sandy beaches can scratch and ding the bottom of your boat. One way to avoid this is to install a keel guard. It’s easy to do,looks good and can even help improve your boat’s performance.

How do I remove a keel guard adhesive?

The 3M® adhesive is designed to shear apart if enough strength and energy is exerted. Some of the adhesive will remain on the Megaware KeelGuard® and some on the boat. The remaining adhesive can be removed from the boat with a plastic or nylon putty knife or a decal/pinstripe removal disk.

How do I protect the bottom of my boat?

To protect the bottom of your Boat,

  1. Make sure the bottom is cleaned and deoxidized with Boat Scrub before application.
  2. Apply a protective coating at the bottom of your boat.
  3. Simply wipe it on, rub it into the pores to seal them, and wipe away the haze.

How do I remove KeelShield?

First off, removing the old Keelshield is not horribly difficult. A heat gun will loosen the adhesive and a partner to either pull, or run the heat gun would help. I do believe that a heat gun on this step may lessen your work later removing glue from the hull.

How do you remove a Hamby keel guard?

Pretty simple. Get a really good heavy duty heat gun. Heat up the guard very well and peel it off the boat. It will come right off with heat.

Which is the best keel guard for boats?

Made of urethane with UV inhibitors, the KeelShield® Keel Guard provides the strongest, most durable defense for your boat’s hull. The patented grooved shield protects your keel from abrasion and damage in shallow water, and while beaching against sand, concrete ramps, rocky shores, and other hazards that can take a toll on unprotected keels.

How big is a Bass Pro keel guard?

At 5″ wide, the keel guard is offered in a variety of colors and sizes to fit personal watercraft and boats up to 30′ in length. KeelShield won’t slow your craft down, either.

Where does the keel run on a boat?

The keel of most boats is the center line running down the bottom of your boat. It generally protrudes and slices into the water. Because of this, the keel both slices the water first, and also bumps into concrete, ramps, docks, and rocky shores first.