What is a source selection?

What is a source selection?

According to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.3, source selection is the “selection of a source or sources in competitive negotiated acquisitions The objective of source selection is to select the proposal that represents the best value” [1].

What are the methods of source selection?

Source selection is the process by which contractors are selected. There are three primary methods of source selection: (1) competitive bidding, (2) non-competitive negotiation, and (3) competitive negotiation.

What is the purpose of source selection?

The principle objective of the source selection process is to conduct an impartial, equitable, and comprehensive evaluation of each Offeror’s proposal and select the Offeror(s) who best meet the Government’s needs as defined in the solicitation.

What is source selection plan?

The Source Selection Plan (SSP) is a key document that specifies how the source selection activities will be organized, initiated, and conducted. It serves as the guide for conducting the evaluation and analysis of proposals, and the selection of source(s) for the acquisition.

What is a formal source selection?

The Source Selection process may be formal or informal. Formal source selection is used for high-dollar value or complex acquisitions where someone other than the procuring contracting officer is the source selection authority (SSA) and utilizes an evaluation plan specifically established for that acquisition.

What value source selection is best?

Best value tradeoff source selection procedures are based on the concept of using a methodology for award that represents the greatest value to the Government, not necessarily the lowest cost or price or the highest technically rated offeror, based on the evaluation of cost or price and other factors specified in the …

How does the formal source selection procedure begin?

A source selection proc- ess is considered formal when a specific evaluation group structure is estab- lished to evaluate proposals and select the source for contract award. This ap- proach is generally used in high-dollar- value acquisitions and may be used in other acquisitions as prescribed in agency regulations.

What is source selection far?

The term “source selection” is used for referring to acquisitions awarded according to Federal Acquisition Regulation Parts 13 (Simplified Acquisition), 14 (Sealed Bidding), or 15 (Contracting by Negotiation). However, it is most commonly used specifically for FAR Part 15 acquisitions.

What is source selection in project management?

Source selection criteria is a set of attributes desired by the buyer which a seller is required to meet or exceed to be selected for a contract. Under project management, source selection criteria are often included as part of the procurement documents.

Who are the key players in the source selection process?

Key members of the SST—such as the SSA, SSAC Chairperson, SSEB Chairperson, functional leads, and the PCO— should have source selection experience in high dollar, complex acquisitions.

What is formal source selection?