How big of a tire can you put on a golf cart without a lift?

How big of a tire can you put on a golf cart without a lift?

All non-lifted golf carts can take 18.5″ tall tires, but some can take a little bigger, i.e., EZGO & Yamaha Drive can take 20″ without a lift.

What is the difference between a lifted and non-lifted golf cart?

Lifted golf carts can accommodate larger tires, and the larger tires can help to speed up the golf cart. Lastly, the lifted golf cart should give you a bit more power, as well. If you are going to be pulling a trailer or towing around quite a few people, the larger tires will accommodate this need much better.

Can you put trailer tires on a golf cart?

Helpful Expert Reply: According to my contact at our local golf cart dealer, you can indeed use a 205/65-10 trailer tire on your golf cart. Your cart should use a 4 on 4 bolt pattern, but I would recommend measuring to be sure it matches your existing wheels.

What is the advantage of a lifted golf cart?

Lift kits for golf carts give your cart higher ground clearance, which is great for driving through rougher terrain. It also gives you a more stable riding stance, and you can fit larger tires and offset wheels on your cart. Even a lift of as little as two inches can make all the difference in your ride.

How do I make my lifted golf cart go smoother?

How to Make a Golf Cart Ride Smoother

  1. Correct Tire Pressure.
  2. Replace Worn Out Shocks and Struts.
  3. Check the Fluid and Filter.
  4. Replace the Clutch.
  5. Flat Spot in Tire.
  6. Tire Damaged or Out of Line.
  7. Worn Out Suspension Bushings.
  8. Check Your Lift/Tire Combo.

How many pounds of air should be in a golf cart tire?

These tires typically use anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds per square inch (PSI), with the average being 20 to 22 PSI. For golf carts driven off-road or on rougher terrain, it’s not uncommon to under-inflate tires to gain additional traction. However, under-inflated tires wear down prematurely.

Will a golf cart go faster with bigger tires?

Arguably, the easiest step on the road to a faster golf cart is to get bigger tires and wheels. The larger surface area of the bigger tires and wheels increases the maximum possible miles per hour. In some cases, this can be a boost of 300%! The bigger the tires, the better the speed.

Do lifted golf carts ride rough?

Your Yamaha golf cart rides rough because of a small lift and a leaf spring type suspension. Both of these components can give you a harsh ride. Similarly, it’s a good idea to use a long travel A-arm in place of the leaf spring suspension. You can also try reducing the air pressure in tires if you think it is too much.