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What color blue is the Seattle Seahawks?

What color blue is the Seattle Seahawks?

The college navy color code for the Seattle Seahawks logo is Pantone: PMS 289 C, Hex Color: #002244, RGB: (0, 34, 68), CMYK: (100, 65, 0, 60).

What were the Seahawks original colors?

Seattle Seahawks
National Football League (1976–present) American Football Conference (1977–2001) AFC West (1977–2001) National Football Conference (1976, 2002–present) NFC West (1976, 2002–present)
Current uniform
Team colors College navy, action green, wolf grey
Mascot Blitz, Boom, Taima the Hawk (live Augur hawk)

What color is the Seahawks away jersey?

Away Jersey The lime green, yellowish color brings a great deal of brightness as it highlights the numbers, which is a common theme for Seahawks’ new uniforms.

What Color Is Seattle Seahawks wearing today?

The Seahawks revealed their ‘Action Green’ uniforms on Tuesday, the uniform they will wear during their Color Rush Thursday Night football game against the Rams on December 15.

How the Seahawks get their colors?

According to Nike, Inc.’s official website, the color of the uniforms are “rooted in Seattle’s own environmental hues.” Everything on each jersey is symbolic in its own way to the city of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in general.

Will the Seahawks get new uniforms?

While the NFL’s infamous one-helmet rule will remain in place for the upcoming season, fans should finally get their wish to see the Seahawks return to the field wearing their vintage silver helmets and original uniforms in 2022.

What are the colors of the Seattle Seahawks?

The official colors of the Seattle Seahawks football team are College Navy, Action Green, and Wolf Grey. The color scheme can be seen below. For your convenience, the colors are presented in different color spaces.

What kind of font does the Seattle Seahawks use?

The NFL Seattle Seahawks (custom all-caps) font is used for jersey lettering, player names, numbers, team logo, branding, and merchandise. The Seattle Seahawks logo JPG format can be found below. To download the Seattle Seahawks logo JPG format, right-click and choose save.

Who are the rivals of the Seattle Seahawks?

The Seattle Seahawks are a team from Seattle, Washington. The biggest rivals of the Seattle Seahawks are the San Francisco 49ers. The primary colors of the Seattle Seahawks can be found in the table below.