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What are random security checks?

What are random security checks?

A random check procedure can translate to a real vulnerability for a security system because it allows an officer to make screening decisions based on his own inclinations. What’s more, a random check procedure is passive. In sum, there is nothing random about effective security.

How random are TSA checks?

The TSA agent will tell you “the airline has randomly selected you for additional screening” (which is a lie), and ask you to step to the side. At this point, there will typically be at least two TSA agents involved, if not three. One will search every inch of your belongings.

Why are there random security checks at airports?

It is most likely because of the last minute flight change. Did you have SSSS printed on your boarding pass? That is the flag for TSA to give you the extra check. The airline should be able to override it and reprint your boarding pass without it.

Is SSSS permanent?

Will SSSS Keep Happening? This totally depends. I’ve had plenty of SSSS, either because my passport name didn’t perfectly match my ticketed name, I booked a one way fare, or I grabbed a last minute seat. In these cases the SSSS typically goes away after just one unlucky trip.

What is 4 SSSS on boarding pass?

Secondary Security Screening Selection
SSSS is an acronym for Secondary Security Screening Selection, which means you will have to go through some sort of additional security screening at the airport.

What triggers SSSS?

TSA doesn’t provide the exact reasons that people are selected for secondary screening, but unusual itineraries such as travel from a high-risk country, last-minute flights, or even one-way international flights seem to be a trigger.

How long does SSSS last?

As mentioned, SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and is a more thorough screening of a traveler trying to pass through TSA security. I have personally had SSSS on my boarding pass a few times, and each adventure has lasted no more than 10 to 15 minutes.