How do you put a line through text in Word?

How do you put a line through text in Word?

Be sure and type full lines that go all the way across the page. Then, go to the “Insert” tab & select “Shapes” & “Line.” Choose the 1st line (straight line) and draw a line under your text (hold down the shift key while drawing to make a straight line).

How do you make a line go across the page in Word?

Microsoft WordPut your cursor in the document where you want to insert the horizontal line.Go to Format | Borders And Shading.On the Borders tab, click the Horizontal Line button.Scroll through the options and select the desired line.Click OK.

How do I format in Word 2010?

How to Use a Formatting Style in Word 20101In your document, select the text you want to format. 2In the lower-right corner of the Styles group on the Home tab, click the dialog box launcher. 3Click the Options link in the lower right corner of the Styles task pane. 4Select the option All Styles from the Select Styles to Show drop-down list. 5Click OK.

How do you format a manuscript in Word 2010?

Here’s what’s expected for a standard manuscript format.Use black, 12-point, Times New Roman as the font.Use the U.S. standard page size of 8.5×11 inches and set your margins to 1 inch on all sides.Set alignment to left justified.Use a single space after periods.Use double-spaced line spacing.Indent all paragraphs by .

How do you format bullets in Word 2010?

Then click and drag over the line items in the list in order to select the text that you want to set as a bulleted or numbered list. Next, click the “Home” tab in the Ribbon and look in the “Paragraph” group. Here you can click either the “Bullets” or “Numbering” buttons to apply the last bullet styles used.

How do I permanently change the font in Word 2010?

Change the default font in WordGo to Home, and then select the Font Dialog Box Launcher .Select the font and size you want to use.Select Set As Default.Select one of the following: This document only. All documents based on the Normal template.Select OK twice.

How do I change the default font and size in Word 2010?

Changing the default typeface in Word 2010 and later versions is easy:Open any Word document.Right-click somewhere in the document and choose “Font”.In the Font dialog box, select your preferred typeface and any other settings you want to change (e.g., font size).Click the “Set As Default” button.

How do you change the font in a word theme?

Change theme fontsOn the Page Layout tab in Excel or the Design tab in Word, click Fonts, and pick the font set you want. To create your own set of fonts, click Customize Fonts.In the Create New Theme Fonts box, under the Heading font and Body font boxes, pick the fonts you want.

How do I change the default font size in Word 2013?

Launch Microsoft Word 2013/2016 for Mac.On the Format menu, click on Font…Select the options you want to change, such as the Font, Font style, and Size.On the bottom left side of the Font window, click on the Default… You will then be presented with a prompt to confirm this change. Click OK to apply your changes.

Where is the font dialog box launcher in Word 2013?

Launch Microsoft Word 2013/2016 for Windows. On the Home tab, click on the Font Dialog Box Launcher (small arrow pointing down, right bottom corner) from within the Font group.