Is Maze Runner ok for 12 year old?

Is Maze Runner ok for 12 year old?

With a lot of tension and a lot of scares, ‘The Maze Runner’ is not appropriate for young kids but should be suitable for older children from ages 10 and up.

Is The Maze Runner inappropriate?

Rating: PG-13, for thematic elements and intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, including some disturbing images. Still, this is a pretty violent and often harrowing PG-13 film. …

Why is The Maze Runner a banned book?

Every year during Banned Books Week, DC Public Library joins the national library community in drawing attention to censorship issues. The Maze Runner has been challenged with claims that it is “anti-family,” “anti-ethnic,” “violent,” and contains other “offensive content”.

Is Maze Runner 2 OK for kids?

Age Appropriate For: 14+. This sequel to last year’s ‘The Maze Runner’ continues in the vein of that film, with a lot of violence (including fighting, beating, electrocution, and other implied torture and human experimentation), some deaths (including a character committing suicide), and hungry, angry zombies.

Can a 13 year old watch maze runner?

The Maze Runner deserves its M rating. It is very suspenseful and includes some intensely violent and disturbing scenes, including the violent deaths of teenagers. Therefore we do not recommend it for children under 15 years.

Is maze runner book appropriate for 11 year olds?

I’d recommend this series to readers 12 and older. Also, it is mostly appropriate for young readers. There is no profanity or sex, but there is a large amount of violence and gore, especially in The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and The Kill Order.

Is Maze Runner book appropriate for 11 year olds?

Who died in Maze Runner?

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

  • Rachel – Blood drained by WCKD at their facility.
  • Jack – Killed by cranks (deleted scene).
  • Winston – Committed suicide via gunshot to the head after being infected by Cranks.
  • Barkley – Shot in the back by Brenda.
  • Mary Cooper – Shot in the stomach by Janson.

Is Maze Runner more violent than Hunger Games?

And kids are reading these great themes younger and younger–partly because many of them are great books too. So Nicolas comes to us, knowing that The Maze Runner may be an issue. The Maze Runner is even more violent than The Hunger Games.

Do grievers eat Gladers?

Its purpose is to harass and even kill the Gladers who venture into the Maze. It is described as being a bulbous, dark creature, with many appendages such as spikes, shears, and rods.

Why is Scorch Trials so bad?

If it sounds like there isn’t an original thought in The Scorch Trials’ scripted head, you’re right. With minimal plot development and far too much running around in dark corridors, The Scorch Trials has a poor story:filler ratio. And much of what happens is poorly thought-out.

Is there anything inappropriate in Scorch Trials?

As in the first film, violence is the main issue, with characters being chased, shot at, bitten by gruesome zombie-like creatures, and more. There’s a high body count as the result of shoot-outs, explosions, and even a self-inflicted wound (the suicide happens off screen, but the shot is heard).

Is the Maze Runner based on a book?

Parents need to know that The Maze Runner is based on the first novel in James Dashner’s best-selling young adult trilogy. The movie, like the book, is a cross between Lord of the Flies, Ender’s Game, and The Hunger Games and should appeal to fans of the books and of star Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf).

Is the Maze Runner good for Catholic kids?

With the December 2017 release of a movie based on the series, The Maze Runner is about to receive to an explosion of attention and new fans. As a busy Catholic parent, you may be wondering if you should let your teens read this series and watch the movie, but not have the time to read it for yourself to determine its appropriateness. Never fear.

Are there any curse words in the Maze Runner?

There’s more strong language (“s–t,” “a–hole,” “bitch”) in the movie than in the book, which featured mostly made up curse words like “shuck” and “klunk.”

How is the Maze Runner different from The Hunger Games?

Unlike Divergent and Hunger Games, which explain what happened to the post-apocalyptic society from the start, The Maze Runner is more of a pin-hole mystery — you find out little by little what’s actually happening until the very end, and even then, it’s just a primer for a second installment.