How do I redact my resume?

How do I redact my resume?

To ensure blind resumes work, you must redact: Name; Education; Languages; Achievements; Work history. It’s a slippery slope once you start (like eroding privacy in the name of protection?). If you start blinding, then you end up reducing talent to nothing more than meaningless data.

What information should be redacted?

What Information Needs Redacting?Social security numbers.Driver’s license or professional license numbers.Protected health information and other medical information.Financial documents and files.Proprietary information or trade secrets.Judiciary records.

How do you redact an image?

Redacting ImagesEnsure the Redact toolbar is visible (View->Toolbars->Redact).Select Redact Image ( You can move, resize and rotate the rectangular area just like any other graphic object.Continue adding further redaction areas in the same way to images in your document.Redaction only becomes permanent when the PDF is saved.

Why are declassified documents redacted?

Redaction in its sanitization sense (as distinguished from its other editing sense) is the blacking out or deletion of text in a document, or the result of such an effort. It is intended to allow the selective disclosure of information in a document while keeping other parts of the document secret.

How long before documents become declassified?

The originating agency assigns a declassification date, by default 10 years. After 25 years, declassification review is automatic with nine narrow exceptions that allow information to remain as classified. At 50 years, there are two exceptions, and classifications beyond 75 years require special permission.

What is Cosmic Top Secret?

COSMIC TOP SECRET (CTS) – This security classification is applied to information the unauthorized disclosure of which would cause exceptionally grave damage to NATO. (NOTE: The marking “COSMIC” is applied to TOP SECRET material to signify that it is the property of NATO. The term “NATO TOP SECRET” is not used.)

What is the most classified document?

Top Secret is the highest level of classified information. Information is further compartmented so that specific access using a code word after top secret is a legal way to hide collective and important information. Such material would cause “exceptionally grave damage” to national security if made publicly available.

How do I access declassified documents?

Free Resources for Finding Declassified DocumentsCIA: Electronic Reading Room. Department of State: Freedom of Information Act. FBI Records: The Vault – FOIA Library. Federation of American Scientists: Project on Government Secrecy.

How do I access my CIA documents?

Please call the NARA Archives II Modern Military Reference Branch at (301) 713-7250 to arrange to have the records ready for your use. You also may order copies of the documents from NARA for a fee.

Which order must classified documents be marked?

Standard markings are required for all documents that contain originally classified information. The information is to be shown using these marking elements: banner lines, portion marks, agency, office of origin, date of origin, and classification authority block (OCA or derivative).

How do you find classified information?

5 Online Tools To Get Classified Government InformationThe Sunlight Foundation. This nonprofit is one of the best sources on the internet for information on what happens behind closed doors in Congress and down the road on K Street. The Black Vault. Open Secrets. Make Your Own FOIA Request. The NSA Guide to “Google Hacking”

How do you protect classified information?

Stay with the classified material and notify the security office. If this is not possible, take the documents or other material to the security office, a supervisor, or another person authorized access to that information, or, if necessary, lock the material in your own safe overnight.

What describes how sensitive information is marked?

SCI is a classification label indicating that items or information is sensitive and part of a specific program or department. The program office, or GCA determines what is SCI and identifies it with proper classification markings. Not everyone will have access to this SCI information.

How do you store classified documents?

All classified material must be stored in a secure room, a GSA-approved storage container, such as a cabinet or safe or a vault or modular vault, or a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF).

What is Open Storage secret?

Open Storage Area: A room or area constructed and operated pursuant to this directive, for the purpose of safeguarding national security information that, because of its size or nature, or operational necessity, cannot be adequately protected by the normal safeguards or stored during nonworking hours in approved …

What are authorized places for storing classified?

The four authorized places to store classified information are: in an authorized individual’s head; in an authorized individual’s hands; in a General Services Administration, or GSA, [ approved security container; and in authorized information technology. ]

When two pieces of CUI or other unclassified information are posted online together or attached together in an email and result in disclosure of classified information this is known as?


What is negligent discharge of classified information?

A negligent spillage or unauthorized disclosure of classified information is categorized as a Negligent Discharge of Classified Information (NDCI), which is based on the familiar firearms term “Negligent Discharge,” to connote its seriousness.