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Is Jean-Michel Jarre related to Maurice Jarre?

Is Jean-Michel Jarre related to Maurice Jarre?

Early life, influences, and education. Jean-Michel Jarre was born in Lyon on 24 August 1948, to Francette Pejot, a French Resistance member and concentration camp survivor, and composer Maurice Jarre. When Jarre was five, his parents separated and his father moved to the United States, leaving him with his mother.

Who is Jean-Michel Jarre wife?

Gong Lim. 2019
Anne Parillaudm. 2005–2010Charlotte Ramplingm. 1978–1998Flore Guillardm. 1975–1977
Jean-Michel Jarre/Wife

When was Rendezvous Houston?

April 5 1986
The concert in Houston April 5 1986 is often considered a milestone in Jean Michel Jarre’s career. The concert took place in the shadow of the deaths of the seven astronauts who had exploded along with the Challenger space shuttle, one of them, Ron McNair, a friend of Jarre’s.

Where is Jean-Michel Jarre?

Jean-Michel Jarre is in Berlin, Germany.

Does Jean-Michel Jarre still tour?

He continues to make appearances at UK arenas on a sporadic basis, so there’s always the possibility you’ll get to see for yourself before too long. This was infact my first Jarre experience.

Who composed Lara’s Theme?

Maurice Jarre
Lara’s Theme/Composers

Who is Gong Li husband?

Jean-Michel Jarrem. 2019
Ooi Hoe Soengm. 1996–2009
Gong Li/Husband

How can I watch Jean-Michel Jarre?

The immersive event will be available on the social VR platform VRChat, accessible via a personal computer or in virtual reality for those who have a VR headset. The feed will also be available on Jarre’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instragram, Twitter) via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

What was Michael Jackson biggest concert?

The Bad tour was later recognized as the most-highly attended and highest-earning tour of all time, having grossed over $125 million. The 69 concert dates of the Dangerous World Tour attracted more than 4 million fans.

Why is it called Lara’s Theme?

“Lara’s Theme” is the name given to a leitmotif written for the film Doctor Zhivago (1965) by composer Maurice Jarre. Soon afterward, the leitmotif became the basis of the song “Somewhere, My Love”.

What is a leitmotif in music?

leitmotif, German Leitmotiv (“leading motive”), a recurring musical theme appearing usually in operas but also in symphonic poems. In a purely musical sense the repetition or transformation of the theme also gives cohesion to large-scale works.

Who is Gong Li dating?

musician Jean-Michel Jarre
In 2019, Gong married French musician Jean-Michel Jarre.

Who was killed in the Rendez vous Houston concert?

Rendez-vous Houston is remembered for being the concert which celebrated the astronauts of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, which had happened only two and a half months earlier. One of Jarre’s friends, astronaut Ron McNair, had been killed in the disaster.

Who was the musical director of the Houston Grand Opera?

In 1985, Jarre was contacted by the musical director of the Houston Grand Opera with the proposal for him related to the celebrations of Texas’ 150th birthday in 1986, 150th birthday of the city of Houston and NASA ‘s 25th birthday.

How many people attended the Rendez vous Houston concert?

For a period of time, it held a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest outdoor “rock concert” in history, with figures varying from 1 to 1.5 million in attendance.