How much is DeviantArt worth?

How much is DeviantArt worth?

On February 23, 2017, DeviantArt was acquired by, Inc. for $36 million.

What company owns DeviantArt?
DeviantArt/Parent organizations

DeviantArt, the online creative community, has been acquired by Wix for $36 million, reports TechCrunch. DeviantArt will continue to operate as a standalone company, and will put investments into building out desktop and mobile apps.

How does DeviantArt make money?

As an artist, upon accepting a commission request, the earnings will be deposited into your My Earnings account. At this point, they will be held in clearing for 14 days to permit a review of the transaction. After the 14 day period, when approved, you may withdraw your earnings via PayPal or as DeviantArt Points.

Is DeviantArt dead?

DeviantArt isn’t completely dead and still has a substantial userbase, but if you’re a digital artist and are trying to build a fresh following, ArtStation is currently a healthier and more engaged platform. Here’s an article we’ve written about the best alternatives to DeviantArt.

Can you trade Da points for money?

Points can only be used on DeviantArt, and you can only get or give Points by being a member of DeviantArt. Any transfer of Points is binding and cannot be reversed. You are unable to convert Points back into currency.

Is ArtStation worth?

ArtStation is the primary online community for digital artists aiming to enter the entertainment industry. Much of the site can be used for free, and it’s worth having a free account if you want to work in the entertainment industries.

Is DeviantArt legal?

DeviantArt is, unless otherwise stated, the owner of all copyright and data rights in the Service and its contents. DeviantArt does not claim ownership rights in your works or other materials posted by you to DeviantArt (Your Content).

Is DeviantArt still active?

DeviantArt—though it remains active—has lost its culture.

Can you convert DA points to money?

Is DeviantArt a good place to sell art?

DeviantArt is unique among the top places to sell art due to a strong community and the fact that pieces are downloadable. It also offers numerous resources for artists, who actively comment on each other’s work.

Will PaigeeWorld come back?

No. PaigeeWorld was shut down permanently due to lack of money to keep it running. gmeldoodles asked: Will the site and app ever come back?

Can you still use old DeviantArt?

It was announced today (through email and header updates) that New DeviantArt (Eclipse version) will launch around May 20th, 2020. Around May 20th, all deviants will gain access to the new version of DeviantArt! The old version of the site will be retired.