Users' questions

Is divoom a good brand?

Is divoom a good brand?

Quality of the build, materials, screen and sound are all excellent. The packaging is great especially if you are giving as a gift (see pics). We own another Divoom speaker and I cannot tell you how good the sound is even compared to other expensive brands that I own for comparison.

How do I pair my Onbeat 200?

Turn on your Onbeat-200, then the blue led indicator starts blinking quickly, enter pairing mode 2. Open the Bluetooth function in your device and search Onbeat-200 3. Connect your device to Onbeat-200 successfully; Start music play on your Bluetooth device 4. Flip the “multifunction button” to pause your music.

Are divoom Ditoos worth?

Conclusion. The Divoom Ditoo is a fantastic little Bluetooth speaker with a fun and interesting design, which I love. There may be better value-for-money speakers out there, but the Ditoo offers a fun novelty factor that others can’t – and it would make an excellent gift as well.

How long does divoom last?


Dimensions 90L X 113,8W X 121,2H mm
Playback time 6-8 hours
Battery capacity 3000 mAh
Battery charge time 4hrs
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0

Can I use divoom Ditoo while charging?

Hi, Ditoo has the typc-C charger, so you are OK with any output charger. The ones with ‘Micro-USB’ charger are the one that need to look out. Hi Divoom , so can I use my samsung fast charger as long as I use the supplied cable? Just make sure your charger has a 5V2A or higher output.

How long does divoom battery last?

As for the Ditoo’s battery life, it lasts for a good 9 hours or more depending on what is displayed or if music is being played. Charging only takes a couple of hours as well so the Ditoo can be back in cord free action quickly.