How much does a Wendy House cost in South Africa?

How much does a Wendy House cost in South Africa?

Sizes, options and prices

width length price
1.2m 1.2m R6000
1.5m 1.5m R7000
2m 2m R7200
2.4m 2.4m R7500

What does a Wendy House cost?

Base price

Size: Price:
3 x 3m R7000
3 x 6 m R10000
3 x 9m R14000
3 x 12m R18000

Do you need planning permission for a Wendy House in South Africa?

Property owners with wendy houses no bigger than 10m² (defined as minor building works in terms of Section 13 of Act 103 of 1977) are now exempt from submitting building plans.

Do you need permission to put up a Wendy House?

The Building Standards and Building Regulations Act require that property owners obtain municipal approval generally in respect of all buildings, additions and renovations, no matter how small. …

How long does a Wendy House last?

WELL, THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE… If maintained well, and provided with the necessary TLC, a Wendy House can last for many, many years – however just like any structure, a Wendy House needs to be protected and well looked after!

How much does a nutec house cost?

Nutec is a cladding product. It can be applied to the exterior of any structure, and create a weather-tight, long-lasting, low maintenance building, quickly, efficiently, and economically….Base price.

Size: Price:
3 x 3m R9000
3 x 6 m R17000
3 x 9m R24000
3 x 12m R29000

Is a Wendy House a permanent structure?

wendy houses are not classed as `temporary structures` just because they have no foundations. even if they are classed as temporary because of their use they are still subject to planning regulation.

Are nutec houses safe?

Yes, your timber frame Nutec house will be insured by South African insurance companies if built in accordance to SANS 10082.

How long does a Wendy house last?

Can I live in a Wendy House?

A Wendy house refers to a children’s playhouse or a small structure, house, or little cabin that can be used for accommodation, storage space, or as a tool shed. Many people live in them for many years despite their perception as temporary structures.

What is the lifespan of a Wendy house?

Is the wendy house in Cape Town good?

Your friendliness, patience and hands-on approach is so refreshing in this time of bad- or NO service. Thank you for your continuous follow-ups and also for your great way of dealing with your customers. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a Nu-tec wendy house.

Are there any bathrooms at the wendy house?

At GEZA, we have many years of experience with Wendy house bathrooms. We have developed an extensive range of excellent quality bathrooms for the affordable housing market.

How much does a Wendy and Nutec house cost?

6m×m (two bedrooms open plan kitchen and lounge plus bathroom, comes with pitch roof and 1.5m porch) R58 000 – R75 000 6m×9m (three bedrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge, + bathroom) R80 000 – R10 0000 The following are provided on request Skimming R70/m² Geysers R3 500 – R6 500 Kitchen sink R2 500

How much does it cost to buy a wendy house?

Base price for Wendy House. 3m×3m R7 500. 3m×4m R8 200. 3m×6m R12 500. 3m×9m R17 000. 3m×12m R25 000. 6m×9m R29 000.