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How do you get solar Trans in Infinity Blade 3?

How do you get solar Trans in Infinity Blade 3?

The Solar Trans-MX is one of the Solar Trans weapons included in Infinity Blade III that was added in the Blade Masters update alongside its Solar Trans partners. It is a heavy weapon used by Isa. It can be only be obtained by Isa at the end of Act 1/Uriel’s Dream.

What is the best weapon in Infinity Blade3?

Solar Trans weapon
A Solar Trans weapon is undoubtedly the best weapon in the game that one can use against non-Spectrum-defense enemies, as the amplified elemental attack power is much, much higher than the raw physical damage provided by any other weapon.

Where can I find RYTH in ib3?

He can be encountered by Siris beside the golden treasure chest inside the Ark, or by Isa in Larioth after the golden (final) treasure chest (if a Solar Trans weapon is equipped). He is equipped with the Solar Trans- OX which shines red, although there’s not a fire gem in it (Ryth does not deal any elemental damage).

How do you get a darkfire gem in Infinity Blade 3?

In Infinity Blade III, the Rare Darkfire gem, similar to IB2, is a square gem given to the player after defeating Pisci in Interlude: Dragonslayer. The gem has an elemental force of +1,000 spectrum (rainbow). It can be sold for $300,000. It can be upgraded by forging it with two capped elemental attack gems.

Who is the most powerful character in Infinity Blade?

Anarchax is currently the most powerful heavy weapon in Infinity Blade II, and has the highest raw damage rating out of all weapons. It has +1500 attack. Oddly though, it is not the the most expensive Heavy Weapon. It is wielded by the Horned Chieftain.

Who is RYTH Infinity Blade?

Ryth is a Deathless enemy found in [[Infinity Blade II] and Infinity Blade III], added in the Skycages update. Two requirements must be met before Ryth will appear: MX-Goliath must be defeated, and the player must possess a Solar Trans weapon.

Who is ausar the vile?

Soulless Ausar is a Soulless copy of Siris’s former self, Ausar the Vile. He is the main antagonist and the final boss of the Ausar Rising update. Much like Raidriar’s Soulless copy, Soulless Ausar was born with the memories of and believes himself to actually be Ausar the Vile.

How do you get the black fire map?

Obtaining the Black Fire Map This face is located at the Metius Observatory. Inside the entrance during the cut scene, or right before the fight with Oslim, the grass totem face is present. If you tap the bottom of the idol head, you receive the Black Fire Map.