Where can I get a theme for my Party?

Where can I get a theme for my Party?

“There is a NYC company called ‘Overnight Celebrity’ that not only shoots a music video for you all over the ‘city that never sleeps’ but they bring YOU in the recording studio to make you a rapper or rocker of you dreams. Ok, this one uses some tech to make sure you stay on key,” says O’Malley.

Which is the best list of party theme ideas ever?

The Greatest List of Party Theme Ideas Ever 28August2018 When it comes to planning your staff Christmas party, summer party, significant birthday, school reunion or annual charity gala dinner, choosing a theme is an excellent way to make it memorable, fun and enjoyable (to plan and attend!).

What’s the best way to interpret a party theme?

There’s no wrong way to interpret a unique party theme—as long as you have some fun with it. So log into your Pinterest, get out your favorite notebook and start preparing to throw the most incredible party you’ve ever thrown.

What to serve at a yoga themed party?

You could even opt for green tea or cucumber water with a light appetizer. A veggie spring roll or a mixed green salad might be perfect options for yoga themed party. Keep in mind, once you select your theme, a plethora of healthy food options are just a “google” away.

What’s the best theme for a black tie party?

For a modern take on a sophisticated black-tie soiree, try “Bubbles & Bowties”. Guests are encouraged to dress in formal wear for a champagne-filled party. Mix it up with trendy varietals like Prosecco and natural sparkling wine, Pétillant-naturel. The smash-hit movie, La La Land, reinvigorated the world’s love of musicals.

What to wear to a video game themed party?

Party theming ideas include selfie-sticks, Hawaiian shirts, palm-print maxi-dresses, and wearing socks with sandals. To pull off a video-game inspired party theme, invite guests to dress as their favourite game character, past or present.

What’s the best theme for a Tea Party?

Alice in Wonderland/ Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Jane Austen novels (or pick another significant author with lots of great characters) Party themes inspired by colour (7) Choose a colour and make that the theme. Popular ones include “white party”. Rainbow Party Pantone Colour of the Year

What was the theme of the Boca retirement party?

Bubbles in Boca (Boca Retirement Theme) Have everyone dress up as individuals who retired in Boca. According to one of the attendees of this party, “People dyed their hair silver, bought fake dentures, wore bright colors, glasses on chains, etc.