How do I fix my Astro A50 mic?

How do I fix my Astro A50 mic?

Methods To Fix “Astro A50 Mic Not Working”

  1. Check Hardware Issues.
  2. Update Firmware.
  3. Set Your Microphone as Default.
  4. Check your Sound settings.
  5. Update your audio drivers.
  6. Troubleshoot hardware issues.

How do I reset my Astro A50 mic?

As you’re holding down the Dolby button, you’ll need to also hold down the game mode button on the side of your right earmuff. Make sure to hold down both buttons for 10 to 20 seconds to ensure that the headset resets properly. If you have followed the procedure properly then the headset will reset and it will reboot.

How do I get my Astro A50 mic to work on PC?


  1. Go to Start, go to Control Panel, and select Sound.
  2. A menu with sound options will appear.
  3. Select ASTRO A40/A50 Game, click once with your right mouse button, and set it as Default Device.
  4. Select ASTRO A40/A50 Voice, click once with your right mouse button, and set it as Default Communication Device.

Can you replace mic on Astro A50?

Step 1 Repairing Astro A50 Microphone In order to replace the battery you must completely dissemble the ear piece with the mic. Do this by simply pulling the foam away from the ear piece. This will expose the 4 screws. Next Remove these 4 screws with a small Phillips head screwdriver.

What is USB mic Astro A50?

– Mic Level: The microphone has all new digital circuitry that allow a streamer’s voice to sound accurate and natural. Adjust this setting to control how loud your voice is heard by your teammates and your streaming audience..

What do the lights mean on Astro A50?

LED Indicator on A50 Headset: Solid Red, USB connected: Charging finished. Blinking Red + Audible Beep: Low Power, Charge Immediately. Solid Orange: Charging Lithium-Ion Battery. Blinking White: Pairing mode.

Why can’t I hear anything on my Astro A50?

Make sure the A50 headset and Base Station are synced together. To do this, make sure the Base Station is powered on. Next, make sure the volume wheel on the headset is turned up to a reasonable volume. Ensure that the game voice balance on the right ear cup of the headset is somewhere in the middle.

How do I take the mic off my Astro A50?

[1] Locate the tab on the top of the ear cushion on the A50 Headset. [2] Pull gently to remove the magnetic ear cushion from the ear cup.

How do you remove a A50 mic?

Do Astro A50 have mic monitoring?

Yes it does have mic monitoring with no delay, works great even with high game audio. Also the base station has an indicator that shows battery level, as well as a audio tone that lets you know the battery is critical.

Why is my Astro A50 microphone not working?

Your Astro A50 mic may not be working because it’s disabled or not set as the default device on your computer, or the microphone volume is set to a very low value so it can’t record your sound clearly.

Why is my Astro headset not working on my PC?

Please plug the headset in another port on your computer to figure out if the problem is related to an issue with the hardware of your PC. Now, what you can do next, is to test the headset on another computer. This should tell you if your PC is the main issue overall.

What’s the battery life of the Astro A50?

Apart from its attractive appearance and excellent sound features, Astro A50 is also famous for its long-time battery life – more than 15 hours. Astro A50 offers 2 color options: the Blue + Black color combination made for Playstation users and the Green + Grey combinations made for Xbox One users – both versions are compatible with PC.

Why is my Turtle Beach mic not working?

If your headset microphone is still not working, it’s likely there are hardware issues with your computer or your headset. In this case, there are a few things you need to do. First, try connecting your headset to another port on your computer. This will resolve any problems you might be experiencing due to the port you’re using.