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Where is BFPO 26?

Where is BFPO 26?

BFPO indicator list

BFPO Number Post Code Location
26 BF1 2AG Casteau
28 BF1 2AH Brunssum
44 BF1 0AR Wulfen
46 BF1 0AT Goch/Wessel

Where is the BFPO sorting office address?

BFPO addresses are used for the delivery of mail in the UK and around the world. BFPO moved from its original base at Inglis Barracks, Mill Hill to its current base at RAF Northolt in northwest London in 2007.

How do I track my BFPO parcel?

They can be contacted at [email protected] or on 0044345769 7978. Customers can still track items sent by signed for or special delivery in the usual way using carriers’ websites. The BFPO information app remains available for both Apple and Android.

Are all BFPO parcels free?

Families and friends in UK and BFPOs can send packets of up to 2kg, free of charge, to service personnel in certain operations and HM Ships. Read more about the enduring families free mail service.

Where is Bfpo 28?

Max weight – 30Kg

BFPO No. Post Code Country
26 BF1 2AG Belgium
28 BF1 2AH Holland
39 BF1 0AP Germany
44 BF1 0AR Germany

What can you send in Bfpo parcels?

What can you send?

  • Small Parcels up to 2kg with our Royal Mail services.
  • Small parcels not exceeding length 45cm, width 35cm and depth 16cm.
  • Larger items can be sent with Parcelforce Worldwide. Dependant on the BFPO number/location these can be up to 30kg.

Can you send alcohol to a BFPO address?

You cannot send some items with British Forces Post Office mail, including: alcoholic beverages. arms and ammunition. batteries.

How much does it cost to post to BFPO?

This service is available for all letter services (air and surface letters, small parcels and printed papers) to the UK, plus to and from BFPO numbered addresses. Prices start from £1.90. The maximum compensation that can be claimed is £50 for loss or damage, where there is evidence of the value of the contents.

What is the weight limit for BFPO parcels?

Maximum weight of 30kg, except HM Ships (BFPO 200 – 499) where the maximum weight is 11kg, all operations are restricted to 2kg. BFPO 5000 – 6000 is limited to 10kg. There are two parcel size limits as follows: Standard: maximum length is 1.05m and maximum length and girth combined is 2m.

How much is it to post to BFPO?

Does it cost more to post to BFPO?

For sending larger parcels and items not eligible to the EFFMS, can be sent via the BFPO system, but will be charged at the standard UK rates instead of the more expensive international rates.

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Somalia. British army personnel are currently deployed in Somalia to support 4 organisations; the UN, the AU Mission in Somalia, the EU and direct support to the Somali National Army as part of international efforts to restore security and stability in the region.

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She returned to the United States at Norfolk Naval Base, Virginia on 20 March 1946 and was officially transferred back to the United States Navy on 6 April 1946. She was immediately determined to be surplus to the needs of the Navy and was designated for sale.

What is the postcode for a BFPO parcel?

*Postcode entry for BFPO locations must start with a BF1 or BF2 prefix (ex: BF1 2AT) like the example above to ensure smooth delivery to the destination address. Additionally, BFPO parcels should not be addressed with a HA4* prefix postcode (ex: HA4 6DQ).

What is the phone number for the BFPO?

Phone number: Phone numbers are required to troubleshoot delivery issues in case there’s a problem with the parcel. Enter a contact number or type “N A” to proceed Please refer to the BFPO Services Guide for additional information.

How long does it take to get a BFPO from ukmc?

Delivery times to BFPO addresses are out of our control but we predict anywhere between 5 – 10 working days depending on your location. We at UKMC offer FREE BFPO DELIVERY on any order over £30 and at a cost of only £2.99 for anything below £30.