Why does my lower left abdomen keep hurting?

Why does my lower left abdomen keep hurting?

Crampy pain may be due to gas, indigestion, inflammation or infection, or it may result from menstrual cramps, endometriosis, or pelvic inflammatory disease in women. Severe pain that comes in waves may be caused by kidney stones. Trauma to the body wall, hernias, and shingles can also cause left lower quadrant pain.

What organ is in lower left abdomen?

The lower left abdominal region is a complex structure that contains several organs connected elaborately. In the lower-left part of the abdomen, you can find the left kidney, left ureter, colon, bladder, blood vessels, and nerves. In women, you’ll find the left fallopian tube and ovary.

Should I go to the ER for lower left abdominal pain?

If your stomach pain is severe, chronic, or accompanied by additional symptoms, visit your nearest ER as soon as possible to receive a diagnosis and treatment. Some signs and symptoms that may mean your stomach pain is serious enough to go to the ER include: New onset of pain. Chronic abdominal pain.

Can appendicitis cause pain in lower left abdomen?

A: In most cases, pain from acute appendicitis is felt on the right. However, some people experience it on the left. This occurs when the inflammation affecting the appendix spreads to the peritoneum, the lining of the abdominal cavity.

Can appendicitis cause left side pain?

What causes pain in the lower left abdomen?

Causes of pain in lower left abdomen include: 1. Diverticular disease – sometimes this can be complicated by the development of acute diverticulitis, abscess and perforation. 2. Hernia – there can be pain in the left groin from an inguinal hernia or femoral hernia(especially if the hernia is strangulated).

What causes pain on the right side of the abdomen?

Pain can also develop on the right side of the abdomen in these cases. An inguinal hernia is the result of fat or a portion of the small intestine pushing through a weak area in a man’s lower abdomen. This type of hernia is much less common in women.

When to seek medical attention for lower abdomen pain?

People experiencing persistent or chronic pain in the lower abdomen should seek medical attention. Similarly, a sudden onset of severe pain in the lower left abdomen may require immediate medical care. There are several possible causes of lower left abdomen pain.

What are your stomach pains and niggles trying to tell you?

Although many of us are guilty of dismissing tummy issues, our stomach can offer insights into overall health that could be important. Some niggles can be red flags highlighting that your health needs more care and consideration. Not only a reflection of physical problems, our stomach can also be linked to emotional triggers.