Who will end up with Kou?

Who will end up with Kou?

Kou and Futuba ended up together in the manga.

Does Yuri end up with Kou?

In order to move on, Yuri confesses to Kou and get’s rejected with “Thank you, but I don’t see you that way.” Yuri has finally come to grips that the relationship she wants them to have is impossible. In result of this, Yuri has found a new love interest, Uchimiya and later started going out with him.

Does Toma Kikuchi like Futaba?

Futaba Yoshioka Touma’s view on her changed after he realized that she was bothered by the way they met. After clearing up their misunderstanding, he ends up having a liking towards her.

How many volumes does Ao Haru Ride have?

Ao Haru Ride

アオハライド (Aoharaido)
Volumes 13
Light novel
Written by Akiko Abe
Illustrated by Io Sakisaka

Does Touma love Futaba?

He must never regret anything. Touma dated Futaba because he doesn’t want to see pain in her anymore. And during their relationship, not even once did he hurt her. But in the end, Futaba chose Kou.

Did Kou confess to Futaba?

With this being said, Kou has decided to tell Yoshioka that he’s in love with her, but is faced with the problem of Futaba pushing him away and getting involved with Toma. When visited by Yoshioka, he confesses to her and expresses she’s the only girl he can love and the two share a passionate kiss twice.

Who married Taichi blue flag?

Sometime in the future, it is revealed that Taichi and Futaba break up two years after completing high school due to various reasons causing them to grow apart. He eventually marries Touma and Touma takes his surname, Ichinose.

Does Tanaka like murao?

Shuko Murao Shuko is in love with Tanaka-Sensei, but doesn’t seems to acknowledge the fact that he’s a teacher or an adult. Since Shuko didn’t want to be the one to cost Tanaka-Sensei his job, she confronted him that she will give up on him (but probably won’t stop having feelings towards him).