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Who uses Airwave?

Who uses Airwave?

All 49 fire and rescue services (FRSs) across England, Scotland and Wales rely on the Airwave Network to respond to the most challenging of incidents. The built-in resilience and ability to interoperate with other responding organisations is of key significance to FRSs.

What is an airwave radio?

The Airwave service uses a technology known as TETRA ‘Terrestrial Trunked Radio’, an ETSI standard digital Private Mobile Radio (PMR) systems which provides communications to keep emergency & public safety teams in touch using portable handheld & fixed vehicle radios.

What network does airwave use?

Airwave Solutions Ltd. is a British mobile communication company that operates the Airwave network, a mobile communications network used by Great Britain’s emergency services….Airwave Solutions.

Industry Telecommunications
Products Public safety network
Number of employees ≈600
Parent Motorola Solutions

What mobile network do police use?

With O2 Gateway providing connectivity across the O2 mobile networks, as well as the corporate and public O2 Wi-Fi networks, police officers now have much better, more reliable and secure access to all the technology, services and apps they need, even when they’re on the move.

What does Aruba Airwave do?

Aruba AirWave is a powerful and easy-to-use network operations system that not only manages wired and wireless infrastructure from Aruba and a wide range of third-party manufacturers, but also provides granular visibility into devices, users and applications on the network.

What is Esmcp?

The Home Office-led Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP) is a cross-departmental Programme set up to develop and deliver new communications services to replace the current Airwave system. The new service will be called the Emergency Services Network (ESN).

What frequency does the police use?

Public Safety Spectrum

Frequency MHz Available for Public Safety
25-50 MHz (VHF Low Band) 6.3 MHz
150-174 MHz (VHF High Band) 3.6 MHz [non-contiguous]
220-222 (220 MHz band) 0.1 MHz
450-470 (UHF Band) 3.7 MHz [non-contiguous]

What is replacing Airwave?

The Emergency Services Network (ESN) is the government’s chosen option to replace the Airwave system, which 107 police, fire and ambulance services in England, Scotland and Wales (the emergency services) use for communications between control rooms and the field.

What are the 6 emergency services?

This is the emergency number for police, ambulance, fire brigade, coastguard, cliff rescue, mountain rescue, cave rescue, etc. Note the important word ‘EMERGENCY’.

How do I use AirWave?

Airwave can help lower air conditioning costs by automatically shutting off your compressor at the right time….With the Home app

  1. Tap on your thermostat.
  2. Choose Settings .
  3. Open Temperature Preferences.
  4. Select Airwave.
  5. Tap the switch to turn Airwave off or on.

What is mobility master Aruba?

The Aruba Mobility Master is the next generation of master controller that can be either deployed as a virtual machine (VM) or installed on an x86-based hardware appliance. The Mobility Master provides better user experience, flexible deployment, simplified operations and enhanced performance.

How does Airwave radio work for the police?

Airwave is a digital trunked radio service for police and other emergency services in England, Scotland and Wales provided by Airwave Solutions Limited under contract to the NPIA. It has replaced outdated individually run force analogue radio systems with a national digital radio service.

What kind of technology does airwaves network use?

The Airwave Network operates on the company’s TETRA technology. Airwave has proven expertise in delivering mission-critical voice and data communications services, and over the past 15 years has invested significantly in the development of a secure, resilient and interoperable network.

What does Motorola Solutions do for airwaves customers?

With this new relationship with global leader Motorola Solutions, Airwave is now able to enhance their offering and ensure Airwave customers continue to benefit from the high-quality service they have come to expect.

Who are the emergency services on the airwaves?

Editors Note – All of the emergency services, Police, Ambulance, Fire and Highway patrols are all now on the digital airwave network, supported by the motorola MTH and MTP radios and the sepura SRP and SRH radios.