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Who sings Life is a highway I wanna ride it all night long?

Who sings Life is a highway I wanna ride it all night long?

Rascal Flatts
Life is a Highway/Artists

Who wrote Life Is a Highway song?

Tom Cochrane
Life is a Highway/Composers

Who sang Life Is a Highway before Rascal Flatts?

Life Is a Highway

“Life Is a Highway”
Label Capitol
Songwriter(s) Tom Cochrane
Producer(s) Tom Cochrane Joe Hardy
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Why did Tom Cochrane Write Life is a highway?

This song was inspired by Cochrane’s trip to West Africa, where he was gaining exposure for the World Vision famine relief organization. “The irony is that it was the most positive song I’d ever written, coming out of a pretty heavy experience. I needed a pep talk, and it became that for me and for millions of others.”

What type of figurative language is Life Is a Highway?

This piece of figurative language is a hyperbole. Rascal Flatts states that he would ride the “highway” all night long.

Who wrote what hurts the most?

Jeffrey Steele
Steve Robson
What Hurts The Most/Composers

“What Hurts the Most” is a song written by American songwriter Jeffrey Steele and English songwriter Steve Robson. Initially recorded by country music artist Mark Wills in 2003 on his album And the Crowd Goes Wild, it was covered by Bellefire a year later.

Who all recorded life is a highway?

Life Is a Highway/Artists

Why did Rascal Flatts breakup?

The group appeared on “CBS This Morning” and didn’t offer any definitive reason for the split, assuring the show’s hosts that everyone was in good health. “We want to take the year and focus on a celebration and thanking our fans for 20 wonderful years,” said Jay DeMarcus. “You know, road years are like dog years.”

What is going on with Rascal Flatts?

After 20 years of hits (and non-stop travel), Rascal Flatts retired in 2020 — but it didn’t go like it was supposed to. Obviously, the pandemic robbed the band and their fans of their chance for one last concert run, and Flatts opted to release an EP titled How They Remember You instead.

Is Life Is a Highway a metaphor or simile?

Explanation: The song that contains a few similes is “Life’ is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts. This song contains the phrase “Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand, sometimes you turn your back to the wind. The title, “Life is a Highway” is a simile itself.

What is the extended metaphor in life is a highway?

So while “life is a highway” is a simple metaphor, it becomes an extended metaphor when you say: “Life is a highway that takes us through green pastures, vast deserts, and rocky mountains. Sometimes your car breaks down or you run out of gas, and sometimes you get lost.