Who plays Dr Payne in proud family?

Who plays Dr Payne in proud family?

Kevin Michael Richardson is the voice of Doctor Payne in The Proud Family.

Do they ever show Wizard Kelly’s face?

The front of Wizard Kelly’s face is never shown in any of the episodes. Instead, the shot is awkwardly angled so that he can only be seen from the neck down; but his face has made two separate appearances. Once in the “Sista Spice” episode, and in The Proud Family Movie when they were swept by the peanut butter.

Who is Penny proud boyfriend?

Penny Proud
Romances Fifteen Cent Kwok Wong (ex-boyfriend) Johnny McBride (ex-boyfriend) Johnny Lovely (date) Carlos (date) Omar Phillips (crush) Mega (crush)

Who played Lacienega Boulevardez?

Alisa ReyesThe Proud Family
LaCienega Boulevardez/Voiced by

Does Papi like Suga Mama?

He is Felix Boulevardez’s father, LaCienega Boulevardez’s parental grandfather, and Suga Mama’s love interest. However, in episode “Suga Mama’s Believers”, Papi finally spoke English for the first time. It would seem that he actually can speak English (and understands it fluently), but prefers his native language.

Why did Wizard Kelly never show his face?

Due to his height, Wizard Kelly’s face is almost never seen in photo and video compositions. Instead, the shots are awkwardly angled so he can only be seen from the neck down. However his face has made been briefly seen at least twice. Wizard has a twin brother Lizard who runs the UBC Television Network.

Is Penny proud black?

Penny Proud (voiced by Kyla Pratt): The main protagonist of the series, a 14-year-old African-American girl who is usually embarrassed by her father, Oscar. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, even though they have gotten her into trouble, and left her to face danger by herself many times.

Why did LaCienega not like Penny?

During this time, LaCienega was extremely disrespectful towards Penny but gaslighted her mother Trudy into believing that she was a very sweet young lady, when in fact, she was arrogant, vain, snobbish, and obnoxious so that she would force Penny to hang out with her.

Is Papi Boulevardez the Joker?

Papi’s look and laugh are based on Cesar Romero and strongly resembles one of his characters, The Joker from the Adam West Batman show.