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Who played Diana on General Hospital?

Who played Diana on General Hospital?

Diana Taylor
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Valerie Starrett (1969–77) Davey Davison (temp. 1977) Brooke Bundy (1977–81)
Duration 1969–81
First appearance 1969

What happened to Diana on General Hospital?

Anne was accused of the crime, but suspicion soon turned to Heather. In the end, Alice was revealed as Diana’s killer; she had killed Diana when she feared that Diana would kill Heather, but Heather had written Anne’s name in blood in an attempt to frame Anne for the crime.

How old is Diane Miller?

(AP) — Diane Disney Miller, Walt Disney’s daughter and one of his inspirations for building the Disneyland theme park, has died at her Northern California home. She was 79. Her death Tuesday in Napa was confirmed by The Walt Disney Co.

Who is Franco’s mom on General Hospital?

Heather Webber
Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Parents Scott Baldwin Heather Webber (biological) Betsy Frank (illegal adoptive)
Siblings Steve Webber (maternal half) Karen Wexler Logan Hayes Eddie Coe (all deceased) Serena Baldwin Christina Baldwin (adoptive) (paternal half) Drew Cain (illegal adoptive)

Who has died from General Hospital?

Jay Pickett
“General Hospital” is paying tribute to its late actor, Jay Pickett, who died last month at age 60 on a movie set. At the end of Tuesday’s episode, the long-running daytime drama featured a photo of Pickett along with the words “In Loving Memory of Jay Pickett.”

Is Heather coming back to General Hospital?

ABC has confirmed what Soap Opera Digest first reported that Robin Mattson is returning to “General Hospital” as Heather Webber. Get the details on Finola Hughes’ return to GH. Join us on Twitter @soapoperafan, and Facebook.

Is Cher’s sister on General Hospital?

Casting. Georganne LaPiere originated the role of Heather Grant on July 29, 1976. In August 1977, it was reported that after a year with the series, instead of renewing her initial 48-week contract, LaPiere vacated the role of Heather to try to become a movie star like her half-sister Cher.

Is Diane Disney Miller still alive?

Deceased (1933–2013)
Diane Disney Miller/Living or Deceased

How old is Carly on GH?

age 47

Carly Corinthos
Gender Female
Alias Carly Roberts Caroline Leigh Benson (birth name)
Date of birth November 5, 1973 (1973-11-05) (age 47)
Occupation Co-owner of Metro Court Hotel 30% Shareholder of ELQ Industries Co-Owner of Bella Mason Hotel

Is Lulu coming back to General Hospital?

Emme Rylan played Lulu Spencer on General Hospital from 2013 to 2020. She left the show in the fall of 2020 and has been traveling to different places with her family. Rylan recently revealed she will be leaving L.A and settling down in Missouri.

Why was Franco written off General Hospital?

Franco is a fictional character from General Hospital, an American soap opera on the ABC network. James Franco originated the character in November 2009, after seeking out a soap opera role. In March 2021, the character was written off after being fatally shot by Peter August (Wes Ramsey).

Who is the actress who plays Diane on General Hospital?

Carolyn Lee Hennesy (born June 10, 1962) is an American soap opera actress, author, and animal advocate. She is known for her role as Diane Miller on the daytime television series General Hospital, for which she earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination. Hennesy’s 2011 novel The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli,…

Why was Heather trying to discredit Diana on General Hospital?

By 1979, Heather was attempting to discredit Diana at General Hospital, although her schemes soon aroused the suspicions of Diana’s co-worker, nurse Anne Logan. Sensing that she was about to be caught out, Heather slipped a massive dose of LSD into Diana’s tea, but P.J switched the cups and Heather ended up ingesting the drug herself.

What did Diane Miller do in General Hospital?

Diane worked a plea bargain with the prosecutor, who had a thing for high fashion. She bribed the prosecutor with couture apparel, and Kate was given community service at the hospital. Diane’s love of fashion and the finer things in life, especially shoes, was enhanced by her friendship with Kate.

Why did Diana and Peter get married on General Hospital?

Shortly after embarking on a nursing career at General Hospital, Diana discovered that she was pregnant with Phil’s child. Peter offered to marry her in order to give her baby a name. Diana accepted and the two were soon married for convenience but soon fell in love for real.