Who owns the Pine Bend Refinery?

Who owns the Pine Bend Refinery?

Flint Hills Resources
The Pine Bend oil refinery is operated by Flint Hills Resources, a leading refining and chemicals company with operations primarily in the Midwest and Texas.

What does the Koch refinery do?

Flint Hills Resources LP, originally called Koch Petroleum Group, is a major refining and chemicals company based in Wichita, Kansas. It sells products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, ethanol, polymers, intermediate chemicals, base oils and asphalt.

How many oil refineries are in Minnesota?

two petroleum refineries
Minnesota has two petroleum refineries, which produce more than two-thirds of the state’s petroleum products. The bulk of these products are refined from Canadian crude oil, supplemented by supplies from North Dakota’s Bakken field.

Where is the Koch refinery?

The Koch Refining Co./N-Ren Corp. site is located in Rosemount, Minnesota. Spills from refining and transport operations at the Site contaminated soil and groundwater with hazardous chemicals. An active oil refinery, the Pine Bend Refinery, owned by Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend, LLC, currently operates at the Site.

Where is Pine Bend?

The Pine Bend Refinery is the largest oil refinery in Minnesota, located in the Twin Cities suburbs of Rosemount and Inver Grove Heights next to southern split of U.S. Highway 52 and Minnesota State Highway 55.

Is Koch a good company to work for?

Koch Chemical Technology India Pvt Ltd. Koch Glitsch is one of the best organization to work with in the field of Engineering Design. My tenure at Koch was pretty comprehensive to conclude that it will fast growing organization and Very nice in terms of Work Culture, Management Job Security and Benefits.

What is Koch worth?

50.7 billion USD (2021)
Charles Koch/Net worth

Where does Minnesota get its gasoline?

The Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend refinery near Rosemount makes 70 percent of the state’s gas. The rest comes from the Marathon Refinery in St. Paul Park. Minnesota’s oil comes almost exclusively from Canada.

How many pipelines are in Minnesota?

Route and capacity All four of the Minnesota Pipe Line Co. lines begin at the Clearbrook terminal, and is largely supplied by Enbridge Energy’s pipeline system that carries crude from North dakota and Alberta, Canada. The Minnesota Pipeline System splits into two parts at a junction in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

What are the 2 types of refiners in refining?

What is an oil refinery?

  • There are four types of refineries – topping, hydro-skimming, conversion, and deep conversion refineries.
  • However, they produce high volumes of poorly-refined oil because they lack the required processing units to reduce sulfur levels.

Where is the oil refinery in Rosemount MN?

Located 17 miles southeast of Minneapolis, the Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend refinery is a landmark like no other in Minnesota. The tall columns, bright lights at night, and steam clouds on cold winter days can be seen from miles away.

When did Koch buy the Pine Bend Refinery?

Koch Industries purchased a controlling interest in the plant in 1969. Since then, capacity has grown more than tenfold. As of 2001, Minnesotans were using a total of 7.2 million US gallons (27,000 m 3) of gasoline per day, and fuel use continues to climb in the region by about 2% annually.

What kind of products does Flint Hills Resources produce?

Throughout the U.S., Flint Hills Resources produces a diverse range of fuels, and ingredient products for many household goods. The company commitment to quality includes collaborating with the Environmental Protection Agency to share best practices and form new standards across the industry.

How long has Koch Industries been in business?

With more than 60 years of refining and manufacturing experience, our industry leadership is reducing air emissions and we’re constantly pursuing new ways to increase safety and minimize waste. Here are recent Koch and FHR headlines. Koch’s work to use resources as efficiently as possible isn’t new.