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Who owns Cameron Bridge Distillery?

Who owns Cameron Bridge Distillery?

Single Grain from This Distillery

Current Owners Diageo
Location Lowlands
Water source unknown
Capacity per year 110,000,000 Litres
Status Active

How old is Cameron Bridge?

The first ever commercial grain whisky was produced by Cameron Bridge Distillery in 1831. The design was enhanced, refined and patented in 1830-1 by the Irish distiller Aeneas Coffey from Dock Distillery in Dublin.

Where in Fife is Pimms made?

Now representing one of the largest grain distilleries in Scotland, Cameronbridge was opened by John Haig in 1824 a quarter-mile (0.4 km) south of Windygates in Fife.

What is Haig club made from?

single grain whisky
Haig is a single grain whisky. Different single malts can be mixed to create a blended malt. Single malts and single grains can be mixed together into blended Scotch. And different single grain whiskies can be mixed together into blended grain.

Where is Pimms made in Scotland?

Pimms, a classic English summer drink, is actually distilled in Fife. Rum also comes off Scottish production lines and Malibu is made near Kirkcaldy rather than the Caribbean.

Does Beckham own Haig?

David Beckham looked typically suave as he launched his new Haig Club Mediterranean Orange whisky. The football manager, 45, showcased his good looks as he posed for new shots to celebrate the citrus line launch on Wednesday.

Is Dimple whiskey still made?

Haig Dimple, a more expensive blend with “a heavier malt influence of whiskies from Glenkinchie and Linkwood”, labeled as 15 years old, in the dimpled, three-sided bottle; Haig and Haig Dimple Pinch, the U.S. version of Haig Dimple….Haig (whisky)

Type Scotch whisky
Manufacturer John Haig & Co Ltd
Country of origin Scotland

What whiskey does Beckham drink?

Haig Club, described as “light and sweet”, in a rectangular blue bottle. It was launched in 2014 as a single grain whisky with no age statement, in association with David Beckham and Simon Fuller. The spirits for Haig Club are sourced from the Cameronbridge distillery….Haig (whisky)

Type Scotch whisky
Country of origin Scotland