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Who owns Black Swan Records?

Who owns Black Swan Records?

Harry Pace
Black Swan was revived in the 1990s for CD reissues of historic jazz and blues recordings….

Black Swan Records
Parent company Jazzology
Founded 1921
Founder Harry Pace
Defunct 1924

Can a record label be an LLC?

The limited liability company (LLC) is ideal for most record label businesses. An LLC is easy and inexpensive to set up, and has the least administrative requirements of any formal business entity.

When did race records become R and B?

The term “rhythm and blues,” often called “R&B,” originated in the 1940s when it replaced “race music” as a general marketing term for all African American music, though it usually referred only to secular, not religious music.

What happened Harry pace?

Pace died on July 19, 1943, in Chicago, and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York.

What was the first black owned record company?

Black Swan Records
How The First Black-Owned Record Label, Black Swan, Was Obscured By History Decades before Motown, Black Swan Records was the world’s first major Black-owned record label.

Who Started Black Swan Records?

Black Swan Records/Founders

In May 1921, in a small basement on 138th street in Harlem, Harry Pace launched Black Swan Records, the first major Black-owed record label in the United States. Today on the podcast, we tell the story of the historic label and the mystery behind the man who created it. It was the dawn of the Harlem Renaissance.

How can I legally make a record label?

How to register record label in 13 steps

  1. Choose your genre/sound/audience.
  2. Get your brand in order.
  3. File your business.
  4. Get an ISRC “stem” from the National ISRC agency in your country.
  5. Consider registering with SoundExchange and Neighboring Rights Collection Societies.
  6. Set up a process to pay out mechanical royalties.

Should I make an LLC for my music?

Should a musician form an LLC? In most cases, the answer is yes; musicians can benefit greatly by forming an LLC. With an LLC, a musician can receive limited liability protections and will also be able to more easily resolve disputes with band members.

What replaced race records?

A term for 78 r.p.m. phonograph records made especially for black consumers from 1921-1942. The term was coined by Ralph Peer of Okeh records to apply to jazz, blues, and gospel music; it was replaced by “rhythm-and-blues” after World War II.

Who was Harry Pace’s wife?

He later became an attorney in Chicago before he died on July 19, 1943, at the age of 59. He was survived by his wife, Ethlynde, and two children, Josephine and Harry Jr.

Who was the first black record label owner?

Black Swan Records, the first large-scale Black-owned record label in the United States, is getting a lot of attention lately. Started by Harry Pace in 1921, Black Swan only lasted three years, but its legacy laid the groundwork for many Black-owned labels to come.