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Who is the composer and diarist Ned Rorem?

Who is the composer and diarist Ned Rorem?

Ned Rorem (born October 23, 1923) is an American composer and diarist.

Where was the composer Giorgio Mainerio born and raised?

Mainerio was born in Parma, Italy between 1530 and 1540. His father is thought to have been Scottish given that Giorgio signed Mayner as his family name. During his education he studied music, but he did not immediately begin a musical career.

Who is Ned Rorem and what did he do?

“Anyone can be drunk, anyone can be in love, anyone can waste time and weep, but only I can pen my songs in the remaining years or minutes,” wrote Ned Rorem. Known both as a writer and a composer, Rorem is intriguing as both a musical figure and as a personality.

When did Ned Rorem write the clarinet piece?

He was commissioned in 2010 to write a piece for clarinet, cello and piano for clarinetist Thomas Piercy.

Where did Ned Rorem go to high school?

Rorem showed an early interest in and talent for music. He received his early education at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and the American Conservatory of Music. He studied at Northwestern University before attending the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia and the Juilliard School in New York City.

What was the name of Ned Rorem’s First Symphony?

Andante V. Allegro molto. It is perhaps the best known of Rorem’s numbered symphonies, having been premiered by Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall, April 1959. Three recordings have been issued over the years, though none but the most recent Naxos recording has remained in the catalogue for very long.

What kind of essays does Ned Rorem write?

Rorem has written extensively about music as well. These essays are collected in the anthologies Setting the Tone, Music from the Inside Out, and Music and People. His prose is much admired, not least for its barbed observations about such prominent musicians as composer and conductor Pierre Boulez.