Who are Pantherella socks?

Who are Pantherella socks?

Louis Goldschmidt
Pantherella was founded in 1937 by Louis Goldschmidt who had previously been a manufacturer of socks in his native Germany. Tired of producing bulky, bland, uncomfortable socks for men he believed that lightweight, seamless, fancy socks would be in high demand as part of a general trend towards lighter weight clothing.

How many pairs of socks does Pantherella turn out in a year?

Pantherella’s Leicester factory turns out roughly 720,000 pairs a year, sold under the brand name as well as to private labels, which include some of Savile Row and Jermyn Street’s most renowned stores, as well as brands such as Vivienne Westwood.

What is the name of Pantherella best selling socks?

Top Sellers

  • Seville Invisible Socks – Egyptian Cotton.
  • Mahon Merino Wool Invisible Men’s Socks.
  • Waddington Cashmere 5×1 Rib – Men’s Sock.
  • Vale 5×3 Rib Tailored Men’s Sock – 100% Fil d’Ecosse / Mercerised Egyptian Cotton.
  • Naish Tailored Men’s Sock – Merino Wool.

Where are Pantherella socks made?

Leicester, England
Pantherella has operated out of the same family owned factory in Leicester, England since 1937. Making the world’s finest socks from the most luxurious fibres is what we do and who we are.

Are Pantherella socks good?

Just to review the product, the socks are very comfortable, great quality, and a perfect fit. If you want to wear a little premium treat each day then I would highly recommend a pair, especially the Sea Island Cotton.

What are British morning socks?

For Clarification, British Morning Socks are British euphemism for a condom.

What production method does Pantherella use?

There are 12 unique steps that go into making a pair of Pantherella socks, 12 pairs of hands that tap, twist, prod and pry as cotton, wool and silk is designed, shaped, linked and packaged into one of the company’s signature fine gauges, a process that is repeated approximately 750,000 times a year out of its Leicester …

What brand of socks are made in Leicester?

Pantherella factory
Made at the Pantherella factory in Leicester, in the heart of England, Scott-Nichol socks are all hand-finished to the highest standards demanded by the World’s finest sockmakers.

Which sock factory is on inside the factory?

Inside the Factory Take a unique view inside the Pantherella factory in Leicester, and discover what goes in to making the World’s finest socks. Watch on BBC Two and on the BBC iPlayer app .

Are silk socks worth it?

His response: “Silk socks are not considered to wear well, lasting proportionately less time than cotton or wool. Plus some people say they pull a little on the heel, retaining their shape less well and becoming uncomfortable over time.” However, a silk/cotton mix sock would suffer far less from these problems.

Are Falke socks worth it?

Falke have a reputation for quality and these are hiking socks that won’t disappoint. I definitely prefer the shorter length sock (much to my surprise) and despite usually wearing walking boots that sit high on my ankle, both the short and long socks perform well.

What socks does Leicester make?

Pantherella are a world renowned brand manufacturing fine English socks and hosiery from their Leicester factory. Their original philosophy of ‘Provenance, Design & Quality’ still rings true today.