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Which name means victorious?

Which name means victorious?

Name meanings related to victory include victorious and glorious. Along with Nicholas and Victor, other names that mean victory in the US Top 1000 include Colette, Gloria, Keilani, Nico, Nicole, Valerie, Veronica, and Victoria.

Is Victorious a boy or girl name?

Victorious – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What boy name means victory?

English Boy Names » Means » Victory

  • 175 Jae Wealthy; Victory.
  • 3954 Jai Victory; Conqueror; Winning; A …
  • 2624 Jay The Lord is Salvation; Victory; …
  • 1206 Joy Happiness; Rejoicing; Victory; …
  • 225 Jye Jay Bird; Victory.
  • 104 Nic Lord; People of Victory; …
  • 1940 Nik People’s Victory; Champion; Good; …

Is victory a girl name?

as a girls’ name is a Latin name, and the meaning of the name Victory is “conqueror”. Victory is a variant form of Victoria (Latin): feminine of Victor.

What boy name means successful?

If you won the jackpot with your little one, then consider Felix. The name means “lucky or successful” in Latin and has been a popular name in Europe since the Middle Ages, according to Behind the Name. Have no fear, Richard is here!

What name means beautiful for a girl?

Popular Girls Names Meaning Beautiful

  • Alana (Gaelic origin) meaning “beauty”.
  • Alika (Hawaiian origin) meaning “most beautiful”.
  • Amidala (Italian origin) meaning “beautiful as a flower”.
  • Ani (Hawaiian origin) meaning “beautiful”.
  • Annabelle (Hebrew, English origin) meaning “grace and beauty”.

Are there any baby names that mean victorious?

283 Baby Names That Mean Victorious NAMES MEANING Baban Winner; Victorious; Successful Indian Bade One who comes out victorious in battle Bahramchobin One having a victorious club. And the na Parsi Bahudama Suppressor of Many; Strong; Powerful; Mi Indian

What’s the best name for a child that means victory?

A name meaning victory will always be a winning choice. If you want your child’s name to mean victory or some other kind of win, consider the options on this list. Nico is one of the great nickname names, full of charm, energy and effortless cool — a neo Nick.

What does the word victorious mean in English?

The name means strong or victorious through strength. victorious or corwned or someone crowned victoriously. One who is victorious in whatever he does. One who is victorious and successful. Someone who is victorious by force of arms.

What does the name Victor mean in Christianity?

Victor is one of the earliest Christian names, borne (as Vittorio) by several saints and popes, symbolizing Christ’s victory over death. It has been quietly in the Top 200 since 1880, but just recently has taken on a cool edge by fashionable parents in London and seems ripe for a similar reevaluation here too.