Which clone died on Umbara?

Which clone died on Umbara?

Waxer had sustained fatal wounds in the firefight, but managed to tell Rex that Krell had told them that they were going to fight enemies who had taken clone armor and equipment.

Why is Umbara so dark?

Umbara, known as the “Shadow World” due to the rays of its sun never completely reaching its surface, is perpetually dark. The native wildlife have adapted to survive in such gloom, making the planet perpetually dangerous.

Who sacrificed their lives for fives and Jesse on Umbara?

Hardcase sacrificed himself to destroy the Starship and save Fives and Jesse. When they made it back to base, they were court-marshalled and locked up. Rex tried to convince Krell to forgive them and let them fight, he decided that instead the two Clones were to be executed.

Where is Umbara in Star Wars?

Ghost Nebula
Umbara was a planet in the Expansion Region that experienced no sunlight on its surface, earning the name “Shadow World.” Situated within the occluding Ghost Nebula sector, Umbara was cut off from the rest of the galaxy.

Why did Palpatine pull Anakin from Umbara?

If Rex, Fives and all of the 501st had been killed while Anakin had been away, the anger and the pain over the loss would have surely pushed him further to the Dark Side. Palpatine’s goal was always to turn Anakin, which means calling him away from Umbara makes a lot of sense in his overarching plan.

Why did Anakin get called off Umbara?

The fan theory posits that Palpatine knew that Krell’s leadership would lead to the deaths of many of Anakin’s closest friends. Palpatine’s goal was always to turn Anakin, which means calling him away from Umbara makes a lot of sense in his overarching plan.

Is the Umbara arc the best?

3 The Umbara Arc The action, emotion, the other action, Pong Krell, the clones, everything in this arc is epic, and it is often – but rightfully – heralded as one of The Clone Wars’ best.

Why is Pong Krell hated?

Since the Clone Army fans are a vast percentage of TCW fans, Krell was therefore easily hated throughout the community. Not really as a creation, but as a character in the story and plot. He’s “hated” kinda like how Commander Fox was for killing Fives without hesitation.

Why did the Umbarans wear helmets?

They were encased inside a protective suit which covered their faces. Their helmets fed its wearer a potent gas mixture that kept them ready for combat, improving their reflexes and aggression level.

Did General Krell know about Palpatine?

Naturally, Krell knew nothing about Darth Sidious or the depths of his plans, but he did understand enough to convince himself that both the Jedi and the Republic would fail. At the same time, being that open to the Dark Side was likely what allowed him to perceive even a hint of Palpatine’s machinations.

Where did Anakin go during Umbara?

At the beginning of the story, Anakin Skywalker and his Clone Trooper division are sent to the planet Umbara, which has been attacked by the separatists. However, Anakin is quickly called back to Coruscant, so that the most popular Captain Rex, Fives and other soldiers fall under the leadership of Master Pong Krell.