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Where to find Pianus in maplestory?

Where to find Pianus in maplestory?

Pianus is a big fish monster located in the deepest caves of Aqua Road. Once upon a time Pianus lived a life of immortality, but was later banished into the Maple World, for murdering his friend by eating him. For this he was tossed into the dark, deep caves of Aqua Road.

How often does Pianus spawn?

Pianus spawns every 36 HOURS wtf?: Maplestory.

Where is Magnus in Maplestory?

Magnus is the final boss of Heliseum’s Tyrant’s Castle area. He can be fought on Easy, Normal, and Hard mode. Each player will have a Death Count of 15; if all players reach 0, then the battle will end and everyone will be kicked out.

Will of the planets 5 Maplestory?

Will of the Five Planets 5

  • Talk to Princess Sakuno in Master Room. You will be given 1 Fish Bait.
  • Drop the. Fish Bait on top of the cauldron in The Cave of Pianus to summon Cane-Gulping Pianus.
  • Obtain Blue Cane from Cane-Gulping Pianus.
  • Talk to Princess Sakuno in Master Room again.

How do you fish in Maplestory?

Fishing is pretty simple, once you cast your bait a section will eventually appear and you’ll want to move your line towards it using the arrow keys, once the fish icon is within the circle, press down. repeat the process a few times, your goal is to reach 0’0m to catch the fish.

How do you fight Balrog in Maplestory?

How To Fight Balrog

  1. The boss can attack you from anywhere and will prevent you from dropping items from your inventory and such. Bringing out your familiar in advance is highly recommended.
  2. The boss HP won’t decrease.
  3. You can attack both the hand and the face.

Will of the 4 planets Maplestory?

Will of the Five Planets 4
Completed You brought back the Warrior Soul Spear that Princess Sakuno asked for.
Procedure Talk to Princess Sakuno in Master Room. Click on the altar in Hidden Ghost Shrine to obtain Warrior Soul Spear x 1. Talk to Princess Sakuno again.
Rewards 765,000 EXP Warrior Soul Spear -1