Where should pellet stove be placed in house?

Where should pellet stove be placed in house?

The Best Placement Installing your pellet stove near a stairway is an ideal location because it provides heat to the upper and lower levels of your home. The best placement within the room is near an exterior wall so you can vent the pellet stove directly outside.

How close can a pellet stove be to the wall?

3 inches
The outer surfaces of a pellet stove don’t get as hot as the surfaces of wood stoves or fireplaces, so most can be placed closer to combustibles—typically 3 inches from walls at the sides and 1 inch from a back wall.

Can I vent a pellet stove through a window?

You can pass pellet vent though a all as long as you use the pellet vent wall fitting which gives the proper clearances from the pipe to the plywood, or better yet plywood sandwiched with insulation and then another sheet of plywood.

Can you vent a pellet stove out a basement window?

Pellet stoves require proper venting to prevent the release of dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide into the home. Vent pipes are commonly run through the ceiling of a room and out of the roof, but this is difficult for a pellet stove in the basement.

How far should a pellet stove be from a window?

The rule is that a pellet stove must not terminate within four feet to the side or below opening windows or doors. This can be reduced to 18 inches if the stove uses an external air source for combustion. Above windows and doors the clearance is reduced to twelve inches, nine inches with an outside air supply.

Can pellet stoves go in basement?

The basement is one of the best locations to install a pellet stove because the lowest floor in a home will always be the hardest to keep warm, and with the proper placement, convection can keep both the basement and the upper floors toasty without a full reliance on the main heating system.

How do I circulate the heat from my pellet stove?

If You Have a Fireplace or Wood-Burning or Pellet-Burning Furnace… First, if you also have forced air, turn the fan on to help circulate heat. Make sure your ceiling fans rotate clockwise so they pull cool air up off the floor and push warm air down. And also keep them running at their lowest speed.

How much does a 40 pound bag of pellets cost?

Pellets are normally sold in 40 pound bags and average $5 per bag. The type of pellets and where you order them from also factor into price. Expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $9 for one 40 pound bag.

Where are the vent clearances for a pellet stove?

Shown above: Intertek Pellet Stove clearances for the Intertek Sarnac model. Above: Pellet stove sidewall vent terminal locations and clearance distances including from windows, doors, gas meter, roof eaves and ground surface, adapted from Harman, cited in detail below.

Where is the best place to install a pellet stove?

The vent pipe in both cases must be a minimum of 3 inches from any combustible materials. The area outside the room you place your pellet stove in may also affect the best placement. For example, do not vent a pellet stove into a covered walkway or breezeway, or above a sidewalk or driveway.

What kind of cap should I put on my pellet stove?

Install a listed horizontal termination cap or if necessary install a 90° elbow and appropriate length of vertical venting.

Where can I get a castle Serenity pellet stove?

CASTLE SERENITY PELLET STOVE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS [PDF] (2014) Ardisam, Inc., Castle Stoves™, Division d’Ardisam, Inc.1160 8th Avenue, PO Box 666Cumberland, WI 54829 USA Tel: 800-345-6007 | Télécopie 715-822-2223Courriel : [email protected]: www.castlestoves.com