Where is the Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen, Denmark?

Where is the Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen, Denmark?

Vesterbrogade is the main shopping street of the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. The 1.5 km long street runs from the City Hall Square in the east to Pile Allé in Frederiksberg in the west where it turns into Roskildevej. On its way, it passes Copenhagen Central Station as well as the small triangular square Vesterbros Torv.

Where does the name Vesterbrogade come from?

Vesterbroghade originates in the 12th-century country road that led in and out of Copenhagen’s Western City Gate. The road passed Sankt Jørgens Bæk (St. George’s Stream) on its way to Valby and often changed course. On 20 August 1624, Christian IV ordered that the road be cobbled, first to Vernedamsvej and later all the way to Valby.

Where is the Tvedes Bryggeri brewery in Vesterbrogade?

The buildings at No. 144 is the former Tvedes Bryggeri, a brewery founded in 1852. The two buildings facing the street are from the 1880s and were listed in 1980 while the production buildings to the rear are not listed. Bing & Grøndahl ‘s former premises (No. 149), now called Bing’s, has been converted into an office complex.

Why was the Vesterbros Passage important to Copenhagen?

At the turn of the 20th century, Vesterbros Passage was the backbone in a westward expansion of Copenhagen’s city centre. Most of the old buildings were replaced by new and larger ones over the course of the next decades. Industriens Hus is the headquarters of the Confederation of Danish Industries.

What to look for when shopping in Vesterbro?

Shopping in Vesterbro is for the discerning looking for carefully selected designs, indie fashion, interior, beauty and much more. Vesterbro has something for everyone, when it comes to dining out and is often on the forefront with new culinary trends.

What was the name of the pharmacy in Vesterbro?

The former Vesterbro Pharmacy (No. 72A) was built in 1853 to design by P.C. Hagemann. It also comprises two buildings in the courtyard from 1883. One of them, a former laboratory building, now contains the cocktail bar Lidkoeb.