Where is the midsummer Fire Festival in Orgrimmar?

Where is the midsummer Fire Festival in Orgrimmar?

Capital Cities

Zone Coords Location
Darnassus 63, 47 Warrior’s Terrace
Orgrimmar 47, 38 Cliffs above the Valley of Wisdom
The Exodar 41, 26 The Crystal Hall
Thunder Bluff 21, 26 Spirit Rise

Where is the flame of Thunder Bluff?

This Object can be found in Desolace.

Where is the flame in exodar?

Crystal Hall
Exodar – The Exodar Flame is one of the more hidden simply due to the town’s layout, but you’ll run into the least amount of player resistance here. You’ll find the Flame of Exodar in the back of The Crystal Hall, the northmost wing of the city’s three wings.

How many burning blossoms can you get?

Comment by gennym. You can get 892(912) Blossoms Horde side and 882(902) Alliance side if you do all the quests and visit every fire.

How do I steal the Flame of Ironforge?

Comment by DELcroutonza

  1. Fly into Ironforge, staying as close to the ceiling as possible and avoid the flying gryphon guards as best as you can.
  2. Fly directly over the flame in Ironforge at 64,25.
  3. Drop down on top of it.
  4. Try to get it before you get killed.
  5. I ghost walked from the spirit back to where I got killed.

How do you honor the flame TBC?

Honor the flame is one of the Midsummer Fire Festival seasonal quests. At your faction’s bonfires, you may talk to the Flame Wardens near the bonfire to Honor the Flame of that bonfire.

How do you get captured flames?

This item can be purchased in Orgrimmar (6), Ironforge (4), The Exodar (3), Darnassus (2), Silvermoon City (2), Stormwind City (2), Thunder Bluff (2), Tirisfal Glades , and Undercity .

Where is the flame of Ironforge?

the Hall of Explorers
Stealing Ironforge’s Flame The Ironforge flame is located at 64,24 in the Hall of Explorers.

Where is the flame of darnassus?

This object can be found in Teldrassil .