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Where is the best fishing on Rice Lake?

Where is the best fishing on Rice Lake?

The mouth of Otonabee in the stumps off Cow Island is also a good bet. Go up Otonabee and fish the Lily pads near Bensfort Bridge, use frog imitations like the pop-r and snagproof sally. Rice lake bass can grow huge, many fish in the 5-6 lb range are caught annually, although the average largemouth is 2 lbs.

Can you fish on Rice Lake?

For over 150 years, Rice Lake, Ontario has been a prime destination for people who like fishing. Whether for Pan Fish, Walleye, Bluegill, Muskie or Bass, we have them here in abundance. The people who fish Rice Lake range from the “professional” to just kids having fun.

What fish can you catch in Rice Lake?

A very fertile shallow lake, Rice Lake is home to many species of fish. You will always have fun catching the various fish species that populate the lake including, Bass, Walleye, Muskie and Pan Fish (Blue Gill, Perch, Crappie, Sunfish, Catfish). When it comes to fishing, Rice Lake is the place to be.

What fish are in Saskatchewan lakes?

Many different fish call the lake home including walleye, perch, pike, lake trout, Arctic grayling, whitefish, cisco, burbot and suckers.

Is there musky in Rice Lake?

Rice Lake is famous for it’s Muskie fishing. With the abundance of Panfish, these predator fish grow huge, with some fish tipping the scales in the 30lb range, although 10-15lb Muskie are more common. The best method to catch Rice Lake Muskie is by trolling.

What is the deepest part of Rice Lake?

Rice Lake/Max depth

Does Rice Lake have pike?

Kawartha Lakes Outdoors – Pike are in Rice Lake – Fishing Forum.

Are there musky in Rice Lake?

Rice Lake has something to offer everyone, from big bluegill, to abundant crappie, to northerns, to lunker walleye, to largemouth and smallmouth bass — and on to big musky. Rice Lake is, in fact, known as a trophy musky factory.

What’s the biggest fish caught in Saskatchewan?

rainbow trout
On September 5, Saskatchewan fisherman Sean Konrad caught a 48-pound, world-record rainbow trout. The fish came from Lake Diefenbaker, where trout genetically engineered to grow extra-big escaped from a fish farm nine years ago.

Is Saskatchewan a barbless fishing?

Barbless hooks: No longer mandatory on Blackstrap, Bradwell, Brightwater, Broderick, Dellwood, Moosomin and Zelma reservoirs, as well as Fishing, Miracle and Madge lakes. For more information on this opportunity, including eligibility requirements, please visit

Where can I catch walleye in Rice Lake?

In spring, Rice Lake Walleye can be found in the weedflats around Bewdley, just west of Pinecrest Cottages. Cast a silver rattle spot, retrieve at medium speed in 5-8 ft. of water, try to cover a lot of water, this area is quite large. If the bite is off, try trolling in this area with a chartreuse worm harness.

Is it safe to swim in Rice Lake?

Bewdley Beach offers 20 metres of sandy beach access on the shore of Rice Lake. This shallow lake may look “weedy” to newcomers, but all those underwater plants make Rice Lake a great place for fish and a warm place to swim. Rice Lake is the largest of the Kawartha Lakes.

What kind of fish are in Rice Lake?

Many people travel to fish Rice Lake specifically for its walleye. In 2009, the night that the seasoned opened for walleye, I was shocked to be fishing side by side with many other anglers at my favorite shore fishing spot.

Where are the best fishing spots in Saskatchewan?

While Reindeer Lake is a popular spot, it’s not the only one. The northern region is speckled with thousands of lakes and water ways, including Milton lake in the farthest north and other incredible fly-in fishing destinations. Because these destinations do not see much traffic, there are fishing spots that have been virtually untouched by anglers.

Where did the name Rice Lake come from?

Rice Lake is part of the Trent Severn Waterway making it accessible to a network of great fishing waterways. The lake is named for the wild rice that used to grow around it but it has all but disappeared now.

Is there a day trip to Rice Lake?

For a lake that is quite close to Toronto, only about 1.5 hours away, this is truly a gem that can be fished over a weekend or even just a day trip. Rice Lake is part of the Trent Severn Waterway making it accessible to a network of great fishing waterways.