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Where does the South Johnstone River start?

Where does the South Johnstone River start?

Johnstone River
South Johnstone River/Mouths

What river runs through Innisfail?

Johnstone Rivers
The North and South Johnstone Rivers rise in the tablelands of the north tropical coast and flow through steep narrow gorges to their junction on the coastal plain at Innisfail.

Are there crocodiles in the Johnstone River?

Johnstone River Crocodiles are endemic to northern Australia. Unlike their larger and more aggressive saltwater cousins, the freshwater crocodiles are generally considered harmless to humans.

What is Innisfail known for?

Innisfail is the major township of the Cassowary Coast Region and is known for its sugar and banana industries, as well as for being one of Australia’s wettest towns. In March 2006, Innisfail gained worldwide attention when severe Tropical Cyclone Larry passed over causing extensive damage.

What’s it like living in Innisfail?

Innisfail has friendly locals and is a great place whether you are single attached or have children with a choice of private and state schools a large modern Hospital and a TAFE college it has all one could ask for in a regional township and is one of Queensland’s most beautiful locations.

How many houses are in Innisfail QLD?


All private dwellings 3,210
Median weekly household income $944
Median monthly mortgage repayments $1,213
Median weekly rent $220
Average motor vehicles per dwelling 1.5

Has there ever been a crocodile in the Murray River?

A freshwater crocodile has been found in the Murray River near the New South Wales-Victoria border, thousands of kilometres south of home.

Can I own a crocodile in Australia?

No, nowhere in Australia are you allowed to take any wild reptile and keep it as a pet. no, you aren’t. In the Northern Territory you make it freshwater or saltwater crocodile (if you first obtain the appropriate licence) and keep it until it is no more than 60 cm long.

Is Innisfail a good place to live?

Where does the name Innisfail come from?

So in 1910, the town’s name was changed to Innisfail, again in honour of Fitzgerald and his sugar estate. A name meaning “the Isle of destiny”, derived from an ancient and poetic name of Ireland.

Is Innisfail a safe place to live?

I found Innisfail is friendly, clean and safe. I had to walk at 11pm through town center few times after work and it was safe, birds were crazy loud at the town center. Good supermarkets, nice river and picnic spots. Friendly locals.

Is Tully a good place to live?

I have lived in Tully for nearly all my life and I find its a great place for kids and teens. It is also great for elderly couples looking to retire. It is a quiet town but there is still lots to do. It is extremely safe and I walk around at night and I feel completely safe.

When did the Johnstone River flood at Innisfail?

Severe flooding of the Johnstone River is often associated with tropical cyclones. The largest floods at Innisfail in the last 40 years occurred in 1999 where recorded peaks were around 6.4 metres.

Where is Johnstone River community gardens in Innisfail?

Situated in the heart of Innisfail, Johnstone River Community Gardens is 2.5 acres of beautiful leafy surrounds, abundant with birds, butterflies, lizards, and other native critters. Perfect for a relaxing stroll, bringing the kids for a play, yarning with friends, or walking the dog (leashed please!).

Where are the headwaters of the Johnstone River?

The headwaters of the catchments are located in high rainfall areas and the rivers are capable of producing severe flooding, especially in the Innisfail area. The North and South Johnstone Rivers have a combined catchment area of about 1,600 square kilometres at Innisfail.

Where does the rain fall on the Johnstone River?

The North and South Johnstone Rivers have a combined catchment area of about 1,600 square kilometres at Innisfail. There is a strong rainfall gradient across the catchment with the heaviest rain generally falling along the eastern side of the catchment around Topaz, Crawfords Lookout and Innisfail.