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Where Does Mia Mastroianni work?

Where Does Mia Mastroianni work?

Soho House West Hollywood
Recent Gigs: With over a decade of experience in the service industry, Mia Mastroianni is a founding bartender of Soho House West Hollywood, where she remains a well-respected mixologist for the who’s who of Hollywood.

Was Mia Mastroianni Catch 21?

Catch 21 (TV Series 2008– ) – Mia Mastroianni as Self – Contestant – IMDb.

How old is Jon Taffer?

66 years (November 7, 1954)
Jon Taffer/Age

How tall is John Taffer?

6′ 2″
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How much money does John Taffer make?

Jon Taffer net worth: Jon Taffer is an American restaurateur and businessman who has a net worth of $14 million dollars. Credited for creating the concept of the NFL Sunday Ticket, Jon Taffer is also well known for his role as the host of Paramount’s Bar Rescue.

Is John Taffer a smoker?

I’ve been smoking cigars for 30 years. I’ve smoked a lot of these cigars.

Where does Mia Mastroianni work as a bartender?

But her journey till here didn’t come easy. She had to start her career as a server and impress the owner of a club in South Beach Miami with her interpersonal skills to become a bartender. Mia is now working as a bar expert at Bar Rescue since August 2013.

How tall is Mia Mastroianni height and weight?

However, it is a known fact that she was born in Milford, Massachusetts. She holds American nationality and possesses white ethnicity. She stands tall with a height of 5’11”. As for her education, she graduated from the University of Miami.

How much money does Mia Mastroianni make a year?

Likewise, in Soho House West Hollywood LLC, she had an average salary of around $32131. So, all in all, she is expected to have a net worth ranging between thousands to millions of dollars. Married To Partner Or Single?

What was the early life of Mia Mastroianni?

Early Life of Mia Mastroianni. Cocktail Engineer at Soho House, Mia Mastroianni was born in Milford, Massachusetts, about 35 miles southwest of Boston. Known for her tall figure and sassy fun attitude, “Tall Mia” frequently gives her thoughts on “Bar Rescue” episodes for “Afterbuzz TV” which was produced by Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro.