Where can I find u41 Ptakojester?

Where can I find u41 Ptakojester?

The Rebellion

  1. The only place to get this variant is through Rebel drop. The plane is unlocked after liberating Falco Maxime: Centcom.
  2. It is recommended to drop the beacon in an open area, like the fields of Prima.
  3. You can spawn this variant in using Air races.

Where do you unlock the cs7 thunderhawk?


  • Griphon military airbase.
  • Vulture military airbase.
  • Porto Cavo military airbase.
  • Guardia Grande Pastura II military outpost.
  • Falco Maxime: Centcom.
  • It can be found stowed with the wings folded up on trains.
  • Powers FOW at Cima Leon: Centcom.

Where is Carmen albatross Just Cause 3?

Located on the north side of the snow-covered mountain range in a small, dark rocky area below the large cliff. Congratulations — you are now the owner of the Vintage Carmen Albatross plane.

Where is the biggest runway in Just Cause 3?

As one may deduce from the article name, it is located near Porto Tridente, in the western portion of Insula Striate within the province of Maestrale. The airport boasts the longest runway in medici, sitting around 1200m in length.

How do I turn off Falco Maxime nukes?

This base is protected by a Bavarium FOW missile system which, according to Dimah, are “miniature Bavarium nukes”, making this place very difficult to attack, but the FOW can be disabled by doing the mission Bavarium Blackout.

Where is the biggest airport in Just Cause 3?

The largest airport in the game is one of these unmarked airports, although still tiny by real life standards. This is a complete list of all airports and airstrips in Just Cause 3….Table of locations (JC3)

Province Capite West
Location Name Porto Cavo
Coordinates N 40 43.940 E 5 34.265
Type Port with a runway.

What is the fastest jet in Just Cause 4?

Fellhawk Jet Fighter
The Fellhawk Jet Fighter is a vehicle in Just Cause 4….Wiki Targeted (Games)

Fellhawk Jet Fighter
Top speed (km/h) Cruising: 350 With afterburners (nitros): 410 Highest possible speed, without modding: 460+

Where are all of the daredevil jumps in Just Cause 3?

The Daredevil Jumps are located on three islands in Medici: Insula Dracon, Insula Fonte, and Insula Striate. Completing all the jumps found throughout each island will unlock a unique vehicle for your garage.

Is there a military base in Just Cause 4?

This article lists all the military bases in Just Cause 4. All of these bases belong to the Black Hand in JC4, because they are the de facto military of Solís. Wingsuiting over Meteolab.

What kind of vehicle is the U41 ptakojester?

U41 Ptakojester U41 Ptakojester Vehicle in Just Cause 3 Vehicle in Just Cause 3 Type Cargo plane Weapons None Rarity Extremely rare

Can You stunt on top of a ptakojester?

They do turn on though if you get out, stunt on top, enter the cargo bay, or use nitrous.

Where do you get ptakojester on PS4?

PS4 : Using R1 in the cockpit to open/close the cargo bay door and holding to enter the cargo bay. There are no fixed spawn locations for this variant and it must be hijacked in flight from one of the settlements where it spawns.

What does ptakojester stand for in just cause?

Ptakoještěr is Czech for Pterosaur (extinct flying reptiles). This is the first player controllable Cargo plane in the Just Cause game series to have a functioning cargo door. On that note, it is the successor to the Alexander AX-14 from Just Cause (1) and the Bering I-86DP from Just Cause 2.