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Where can I buy a Carrera bike in the UK?

Where can I buy a Carrera bike in the UK?

Carrera bikes and scooters are sold exclusively through Halfords. OneOne of the UK’s best-loved bike brands, Carrera draws on over 30 years of experience to create bikes and scooters with the newest technology and innovations, all at an affordable price.

How big are the wheels on a Carrera mountain bike?

Meanwhile, bicycle wheels that measure 27.5 inches are technically large, but that’s only one among many options you get with Halfords’ Carrera. From strong alloyed steel construction to double-walled rims, these bikes offer you more than a pricey bargain.

Where can I buy a Carrera valour mountain bike?

Remember that you can always bring your Carrera to your local Halfords store for unlimited free safety checks for as long as you have the receipt. We take bike build quality seriously, which is why your new Carrera Valour comes with a lifetime frame guarantee. The Carrera Valour really is built to last.

Is the Carrera mountain bike safe to ride in the rain?

Whether you are riding on a rainy or sunny day, bikers who have used Carrera mountain bikes express the reliability of the braking system. Our experience is no different. They work perfectly on any weather, with no risk of skidding during the rainy season. – Are Carrera wheels worth the price?

What kind of tyres do Carrera road bikes have?

Carrera’s five road bike models (three men’s and two women’s) are now more comfort-oriented and come fitted with 28mm tyres and disc brakes. There’s space for tyres up to 32mm wide, if you want to go wider, and all models now have more modern styling with dropped seat stays. Carrera’s 2020 road bikes now feature dropped seat stays.

What kind of riding does Carrera mountain bike do?

Explore the trails, hills and mountains with comfort and control, Carrera Mountain Bikes are built for more. Designed for both the road and trail riding, our wide range of Carrera Hybrid Bikes are ideal for leisurely rides in the countryside, city sight-seeing and everyday commuting.

What kind of bike is the Carrera Titan?

Over the years Carrera bikes have brought innovation to the masses, and more recently Carrera has led the electric revolution designing e-bikes and e-scooters, which deliver the latest comfort and performance features while offering the unbeatable value that Carrera has become renowned for. Carrera have launched our Titan range.