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Where are the Mars water bombers now?

Where are the Mars water bombers now?

Four of the surviving aircraft were later converted for civilian use to firefighting water bombers. Two of the aircraft still remain based at Sproat Lake just outside of Port Alberni, British Columbia, although neither is operational.

What is the largest water bomber?

Martin Mars flying air tanker
The world’s largest water bomber, the Martin Mars flying air tanker enters Sproat Lake as it is readied for possible service fighting BC wildfires. Photo by Tammy Cross. More tonight on CHEK News at 5.

Where was the Martin Mars built?

Remarkably preserved and still flying more than half a century after they were built in Middle River, Maryland between 1941 and 1945, one of these pioneer airplanes may return home to Middle River to be the centerpiece display of the Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum.

Does California have water bombers?

CAL FIRE’s aircraft are strategically located throughout the state at CAL FIRE ‘s 12 airbases and 10 helicopter bases. CAL FIRE first began using airtankers in the 1950s when agriculture spraying planes were used to drop water on fires. By 2005 all of CAL FIRE’s airtanker fleet had been converted to S-2T airtankers.

How much water could the Martin Mars carry?

The company has been working outside of the country for years, contracting firefighting with the U.S., Australian and Chilean governments. The Martin Mars Hawaii packs a walloping wet punch with a tank capacity of 27,000 litres. Coulson’s converted 737 tankers and C-130s drop more than 15,000 litres at a time.

Do they use ocean water to fight fires?

Fire can be put out with seawater, though it is not usually used to do so. Saltwater can effectively extinguish fire, but it may damage firefighting equipment and hurt plant life if used. Saltwater use creates problems for both the water distributing equipment and the surrounding environment.

Why is water bomber water red?

The red colouring allows the pilots to see where the drops have been made. Class A foam has been used by air tankers since the mid 1980s. It can be used as either a fire control tool or dropped directly on the flames.

Does California own any super scoopers?

Every fall for the past 25 years, Los Angeles County borrows two super scoopers — those giant yellow and red firefighting planes — from Canada. The biggest fire in California’s history was sparked in July this year, before the super scoopers came.

Are water bombers being used in BC?

Old-school Martin Mars water bomber not included in B.C.’s modern firefighting fleet. It’s a question that pops up every wildfire season in B.C.: Where’s the Martin Mars water bomber? The short answer: It hasn’t been used in years in B.C., and its return isn’t likely.