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Whats better Astroglide or KY?

Whats better Astroglide or KY?

Cavanah says that of the two, AstroGlide is the best choice. “That is far better than the K-Y jelly their mother in law has in the cabinet,” she says. K-Y is meant for clinical uses, like inserting a rectal thermometer. It doesn’t stay slippery for as long those designed for sex do.

Why is astroglide bad?

Astroglide was also significantly harmful to sperm movement. After 60 minutes, under 60% were moving. (Compare that to Pre-Seed, where just under 80% were still moving after an hour.) Of the oils, mustard oil was the best for sperm motility.

What is Astroglide KY?

Just like our original formula, ASTROGLIDE Gel works to relieve vaginal dryness and is safe for use with latex condoms. ASTROGLIDE Gel is approved for use with not only latex condoms and sex toys, but also for lubrication for solo play.

What is the difference between KY jelly and liquid?

Liquid or jelly lubricant? The different formulas cater to personal preferences. Liquid: our lightest formula is a smooth liquid that helps you and your partner feel everything together. Jelly: a thick, non-greasy gel formula that stays where you want it to and quickly prepares you for intimacy.

Is Ky liquid water based?

K-Y Liquid Personal Lubricant has a water-based, fragrance-free, non-greasy formula that quickly prepares you for sexual intimacy and eases the discomfort of vaginal dryness for women during sex.

Does astroglide smell?

It does smell and taste like strawberries but that smell kind of sticks with you and is hard to wash off. So you go out shopping after a nice afternoon of sex and that smell of strawberries kind of trails along with you.

Is K-Y Liquid bad for you?

Use of personal lubricants that contain glycerol (such as KY Jelly) may trigger yeast infections in women who are prone to them. Ingredients such as methylparaben (contained in KY Jelly) may cause skin irritations in some people.

What are the side effects of K-Y?

If experienced, these tend to have a Less Severe expression i

  • vaginal discharge.
  • vaginal irritation.
  • vaginal dryness.
  • vaginal burning.
  • itching of the genital area.

What’s the difference between Astroglide and KY lube?

The makers have also used the latest technologies to improve the overall quality of their product. You will find several similarities between Astroglide and KY Personal Lube. As far as texture is concerned, both give you a silky and soft feel that makes it ideal for reducing friction during sexual intercourse.

What does Astroglide water based lubricant do?

ASTROGLIDE Liquid not only lubricates to keep things going but is also moisturizing to keep things flowing. See how our water-based lube can help you overcome complications such as skin irritation, dryness, and discomfort in overall sexual health and masturbation.

When to discontinue use of Astroglide gel?

ASTROGLIDE is extremely slippery—clean spills immediately. Keep out of reach of children. If irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician. DO NOT USE IF TUBE SEAL IS LOOSE OR MISSING. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A SPERMICIDE OR CONTRACEPTIVE. A personal lubricant for when vaginal dryness causes discomfort.