What works well with Pudge?

What works well with Pudge?

Pudge and Omniknight were one of the most annoying Dota 2 combos that were really popular before. These two heroes work well together because both of them have slow and do damage.

What hero can counter Pudge?


Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Broodmother 3.31% 61.02%
Timbersaw 3.12% 54.37%
Death Prophet 3.09% 52.21%
Lone Druid 2.72% 48.54%

How do you counter Pudge hook?


  1. Blink Dagger is not the best choice, but can be good to escape the area faster than Meat Hook can reach.
  2. Lotus Orb and.
  3. Force Staff will be used by players to escape Pudge’s Meat Hook, or, in worse conditions, escape Pudge himself after Dismember.

How do you counter Pudge mid?

See the “early game mid ward” at this link:

  1. Always keep creeps between you and Pudge.
  2. Pick a ranged carry and kill him from far away. I love using Razor since his static link will sap Pudge’s damage and then beat him with it.
  3. Always call missing when he leaves.

How do you counter Ancient apparitions?

Ancient Apparition will frequently resort to casting Ice Blast right before dying. Smoke Screen can be used to prevent this, stopping Ancient Apparition from having any impact.

How do you counter venomancer?


  1. Town Portal Scroll counters Venomancer as he has no disables nor nukes to stop the teleport in time.
  2. Pipe of Insight will heavily mitigate the effectiveness of your spells.
  3. Glimmer Cape as well.
  4. Black King Bar will nullify your spell damage for its duration.

Is Pudge a support?

Pudge is an okay support. You can hook enemies into your team for an easy kill.

How do you counter dazzle shallow grave?


  1. A well-timed. Global Silence prevents Dazzle from saving allies with Shallow Grave or Shadow Wave. Items that could dispel the silence are expensive, and difficult for Dazzle to farm from a support role.
  2. Arcane Curse and. Last Word cause long damage over time, which may outlast Shallow Grave.

Does Manta dispel ice blast?

Silver Edge makes it hard to catch the hero with Ice Blast. Manta Style dispels the Cold Feet debuff.

Is Ancient Apparition a good hero?

Ancient Apparition can be devastating in team fights, and makes an excellent counter to heroes who rely on healing and regeneration.

How do you counter venomancer in chess?


  1. Use Venom. If you encounter Viper Stike, Venomancer’s attack speed will be reduced by 40% and can also deal magic damage to Venomancer.
  2. Use Halberd of Judgment or Cloud Halbert.
  3. Use Dark Spirit with 4 spirit.