What were the top hits of 2001?

What were the top hits of 2001?


1 Lifehouse Hanging By A Moment
2 Alicia Keys Fallin’
3 Janet All For You
4 Train Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)
5 Jennifer Lopez feat. Ja Rule I’m Real

What was number one in the charts in 2001?

1 singles had been broken the previous year by Bob the Builder, they quickly returned to the top spot with the Comic Relief single of the year, “Uptown Girl” (a cover of the Billy Joel 1983 UK number 1) and “Queen of My Heart”.

What was the number one song September 2001?

List of Billboard Mainstream Top 40 number-one songs of 2001

Issue date Song Artist(s)
August 25 “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” Eve featuring Gwen Stefani
September 1 “Hit ’em Up Style (Oops!)” Blu Cantrell
September 8
September 15

How do you tell if a song is a hit?

A hit song is a song that is actually getting Billboard placement and people are buying it. People buying the song is what makes it a hit. So if your song is not commercially able to spread to the masses where they would want to purchase it… well then you do not have a hit song.

What was the most popular song in the US on September 10 2001?

Big Girls Don’t Cry.

What was the most popular pop song in 2001?

This is your introduction to the best in pop music in 2001. The ballad “Bad Day” was the final single from the double platinum album “Something Like Human” from the rock band Fuel. It has the distinction of being a top 20 mainstream and alternative rock hit, while also hitting the top 10 of the adult contemporary chart.

What was the number one hit in 2001?

This was an instant smash hit for Janet Jackson and it spent seven weeks at #1 on the pop singles chart. The song is built around a sample from “The Glow Of Love” by the disco group Change. It was the longest-reigning #1 pop hit of 2001.

What was the biggest hit of the summer of 2001?

The song was the biggest hit of summer 2001 and was eventually named the most played song of the year on the radio. Lifehouse lead vocalist Jason Wade has said that he wrote the song in five minutes.

What was the number one pop song in 1975?

LaBelle’s version was a #1 hit in 1975, and the new multi-artist version also hit #1. The recording was co-produced by Missy Elliott and Rockwilder. “Lady Marmalade” spent nine weeks at the top of the mainstream pop radio chart. It became only the third song to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 based solely on radio airplay.