What size niddy noddy do I need?

What size niddy noddy do I need?

Niddy noddies are available in many different sizes – from 12 inches to 4 feet. The most common size of niddy noddy makes a two yard skein. To calculate the yardage of a skein, multiply the number of yarn wraps in the skein by the length of one wrap.

How long is a niddy noddy?

The Kromski niddy noddy is available in three sizes for three different size skeins: Small 30″ – 5.5″ shaft length. Medium 48″ – 9.5″ shaft length. Large 72″ – 15″ shaft length.

Why is it called a niddy noddy?

Niddy-noddy: A device used to skein yarn having ends perpendicular to one another. Niddy-noddies often measure 18 inches long and make a skein one yard in circumference, for ease of measuring yardage. Some say the name stems from the odd nodding motion used to wind the yarn with a niddy-noddy.

What does a niddy noddy do?

This handy little niddy noddy tool is used to wind the yarn you’ve spun into a skein off of your drop spindle or spinning wheel bobbin. Its press fit construction holds it securely together while in use, yet it easily collapses flat into two pieces for easy storage.

Do you need a niddy noddy?

If you do not have a niddy noddy, you can also skein your yarn on the back of a chair or around your arm and elbow.

What is a knitty Noddy?

A niddy-noddy (plural niddy-noddies) is a tool used to make skeins from yarn. It consists of a central bar, with crossbars at each end, offset from each other by 90°. The central bar is generally carved to make it easier to hold.

What does Niddy mean?

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How big of a skein does a niddy noddy produce?

Niddy noddy. The most common size, however, produces a two-yard skein. Very small niddy-noddies are generally used for small samples. Many spinners will spin a sample length of yarn, ply it, and skein it using a niddy-noddy before washing. Then the spinner can see if the yarn is as desired or not.

How many wraps can you do on a niddy noddy?

The time to skein yarn on a niddy-noddy depends on the yardage, and thus how many wraps need to be made. A larger niddy-noddy can speed up the skeining, but a very large one can be bulky, and thus slow down the time to do one wrap. At this point, the skein is secured by loose figure eight knots between each crossbar.

What kind of tool is a niddy noddy?

Traditionally the niddy-noddy was used to the rhythm of a song, the opening line of which ran, ‘Niddy-noddy, niddy-noddy, two heads and one body.’ The closest tools similar to a niddy-noddy are the swift, and the spinner’s weasel.

Can you substitute pine dowel for niddy noddy?

If you use pine dowel, as I did in the photos, twisting and untwisting your niddy noddy as you use it will eventually disfigure the soft wood of the center arm. To solve that, substitute copper pipe in the same size for the center arm. Using your new tool is easy and fun!