What should my LinkedIn profile look like?

What should my LinkedIn profile look like?

Here are some key pieces to put on your LinkedIn profile: Your recent work experience, highlighting accomplishments and results, plus any promotions you’ve received. A 2-3 sentence profile summary. Recommendations from colleagues on LinkedIn. Individual skills (in the LinkedIn Skills section)

How do you add a logo to your LinkedIn profile?

To add company logos to your LinkedIn profile, just follow these simple steps.Step 1: Scroll down to your employment history, and click the edit button on the right.Step 2: When you type in the name of the company, it should appear (if there is a LinkedIn Company Page)Step 4: Once you’ve completed the form, hit Save.

How do I get a public profile badge on LinkedIn?

From your profile, click on See contact info. Click on the pencil to edit. Click on the arrow next to your LinkedIn Profile URL. Scroll and click on the create the public profile badge button.

Why is the logo of LinkedIn rainbow?

With June traditionally being celebrated as the pride month for most of the world, Microsoft-owned professional network LinkedIn has become the latest tech giant to have added rainbow colours to its logo in honour of the Pride Month and support equal rights for everyone.

What is a profile badge on LinkedIn?

What is a LinkedIn Badge? A Linkedin Badge is a graphic representation of your LinkedIn profile. You can create it from your LinkedIn account and then paste a special code into your website or blog so that your visitors can see it, and click on it to visit your LinkedIn profile.

How do you get a blue tick on LinkedIn?

These checkmarks prove that someone actually works for the company they’ve specified. And this checkmark is miraculously easy to get. All you have to do is request verification from LinkedIn and wait for a four-digit code to land in your business email address. Then, enter the code into LinkedIn Lookup, and ta-da!

How do you get a certification badge on LinkedIn?

Adding badges to the Certification section requires some manual entry of badge information.Sign in to LinkedIn and go to your profile page.Select the Add profile section button and select Licenses and Certifications.A new dialog box will open prompting you to enter information about your badge award. Click Save.

How do I get LinkedIn skill assessment?

Simply scroll to the skill section of your LinkedIn profile, and select one of the skills you want to validate. After completing the questions, you’ll receive a report with your score and learning courses based on what you got right. You have complete control over your results.

How do I add HackerRank certificate to LinkedIn?

From LinkedIn Talent Hub, choose your profile on the top right hand side of the screen and select “Settings” On the left hand side, select “Integrations” from under the “Advanced” menu. Find the “CodePair from HackerRank” integration from the list and click “Authorize”

How do you post certifications on LinkedIn?

To add a certification:Tap your profile picture > View Profile.Tap the Add icon at the bottom right hand of the screen.Tap the Background > Licenses and Certifications from the list to add a new certification.Fill in the relevant details and tap Save on the top right corner of the screen.

Should you post certificates on LinkedIn?

And while there is really no wrong way to do upload a course certificate to LinkedIn, here are some tips we share with our participants when they earn a Certificate of Completion from one of our programs: Your training or certification can also go in the Accomplishments section of your LinkedIn profile.

Do LinkedIn certifications matter?

In my opinion, yes – it’s definitely worth it. As long as you do minor research on your instructors & courses, there are no real drawbacks with the platform. And you can get started with a free month here.